Hundreds of millions to buy the "leadership" of Honda SH customers, Bhiet-Nama with a heavy offense


Wednesday, 11/18/2018 10:00 AM (GMT + 7)

"Allow more than 100 million to" get "to this car that certifies everything, Honda Vietnam is a bit too hard for users. These errors have been so far This has not changed. And they listen to the mind from the uncertain user. "

Hundreds of millions of buyers Honda SH, Vietnam's leading consumer & # 34; with a very bad mistake - 1

Honda SH 2017 Pupil.

Customers are flipping

It is shared in the crisis at Ms. Ngoc Hang (Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) owned by the owner of SH Vietnam 2017. According to Ms Hang, the car runs around 1,000-2,000 km smoothly but behind it; carved shade and very tough, especially at 30-40km / h. Even the device, a & # 39; demolish when you are discharging the shareholder of a & # 39; car more than one hundred million.

Honda SH is often sold to the price, and # 39; price for ten millions of Vietnam as a result of the "love". But many users believe in the deadly error on their # 39; car "to this".

Duc Anh said: "Honda SH Viet Honda has many flaws, such as light thrush, blasting, silt striking, paint rust, bird foot, tight fire …".

Ngoc Thong (Hoai Duc, Hanoi) said: "I think the car is free as Wave, Vision has been a little lost as a pint, acne out of this muddy SH, the wealth is true too. Back in the day, the Wave 110 is home for a year as a "scab." In general, all details of sweeping away of aluminum, now to the new April 2017 Vision to start fighting The lamb selects a little, and the paint is painted out, and the rubber barrier movement in the back wheel out.

According to Mr Khang, owners of the life of SH present a summary: "SH is the most recent life of the structural problem, a large car, long, heavy but the small steel frame and it is not reinforced. You run up to 80 views, and feel that you are driving unsafe, rough road and feeling that Do you feel that you feel that you are moving.

Hundreds of millions of buyers Honda SH, Vietnam's leading consumer & # 34; with very bad error - 2

Honda SH has a lot of shovels on the skin in the shell.

The most remarkable thing is that it was too difficult: "Her grandfather bought a Honda SH car, and when the car laments the first million" confirmation "that the agent is still poured into "questioning" In my case, the casualties of the bird in the front cover caused a serious worry when it came to cost it a bit. A & # 39; ownership of this expensive squirrel. "

Expert "to take disease"

At the professional level, Mr Thanh Thang – who has been "sick" of all types of vehicles, has recorded a number of mistakes on the Honda SH as follows:

1. Bruach

After running from 3,000 to 4,000 km, when you're going to; park, turn to the car to hear the sad "shouting" from the back. This is a coronary disease. Although there is some time in the warranty, but some consumers have lost their paint, it does not change it; company. The best way to configure the grid is to & # 39; keep the edge in the best state. Wheels are one of the most important parts of motorcycle, as it is highly influential in the work

2. Guidance

Vehicle life from 2012 to 2014 often comes to heavy steering, 90% of the driving wheel will be able to; to the left. The main reason is in the couples or the third one. The only solved address solution is to look after the cup or the third balance.

Hundreds of millions of buyers Honda SH, Vietnam's leading consumer & # 34; with a very bad mistake - 3

Uncomfortable sounds coming from the installer's location.

3. What's hot, a & # 39; crying

The main reason is that the pots are made at home with a poor degree of processing and after a while using three trips on its; pot and the pot is dirty. To address this ethos we need to remove the pot for inspection and cleaning, insert if necessary.

4. Play, shake her car when you're off; going into the bad road

This wonder is very common and in particular with its local SH model. 2017. Many users have a & # 39; This is a great deal of concern about social sites, forums, a car club … this wonder It is because the tallest part of the design is too large and only three appliances have a snail side -step one head; car, and when they move into the hill, there is a head; vehicle shaken which influences the sound position made.

There are also other mistakes, such as getting into the lamp, difficult to send, a gas shortage, cranberry or lead car too. hearing a strange sound.

It was felt that unnecessary mistakes to think of a line of cost cars were often spent hundreds of millions of dollars. Honda Vietnam appears to be the "complaint" about consumer complaints. The safety of the gods in traffic is considered by the biggest motto-maker in Vietnam as "can not see, do not listen"?

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