Hungarian is the world's closest wine


Tokaji Esszencia, a branch of the East-Hungarians in 2008, has won some of the oldest and oldest wine regions in Vilg, and the bottle costs 40 thousand dollars (11.2 billion HUF), than is the oldest 18 bottles.

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This movement shows that there is a kilogram of heat, with nothing left to bring in about 100 kilograms of aszsz. From this, a single liter of krlbell can win a single prize – read the list of wine Royal Tokaj.

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Established in 1989, Hugh Johnstone is one of the foundations of the Royal Tokaj Borsi, one of the city's most famous winters.

2008 is a tweet, and Essay is the type of wine that might have survived. " Tom Hudson, Vintin Scout visitors from London, who manage Fortune, said he made wine with a real bottle.

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The heavens with high sugar and acidity content, which, in contrast, is the umbrella and asszall of the honey, the nobility and the asbor, and a wandering hood with a fabulous wine bar.

In the 19th century, Mr Tokaji Assz was also remarkable

mg Bram Stoker In this classical wine drink, Dracula cm Rune and Laoidh is also known. At the same time, the 20th anniversary was completely forgotten, as was Minsk's wine. In the past time, more and more vodka came back to the wine and wine from Minsk, between vrsborrl or szraz fehrborrl.

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Today, Royal Tokaji exports to over thirty countries, and their wines are spread throughout the continent.

In Hungary's wine sector, Hungary produces a wide range of products including Furmin, Hrslevel or Strgamuskotlyos.

The success of Tokaj Essay has also helped leave the drinks of Tokaj and Hungarian wine ghosts.

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