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15th March – They were given state states: The Order of Hung of Merit Knight Cross

The Minister for Human Resources made the awards in national holidays. Miklós Kásler won a total of 77 people; The Knight's Cross of the Order was granted on thirty-two, the Twenty-Second Order of the Hungarian Hunting Order, and two of the magnificent seventeenth-century artists, five of the Order, t Notable artists and Laurel of Hungary.

Hungary Knight's National Message Order of the Order of Independence in Hungary during National Day, 15th March:

SECONDARY ANDRÁS József, writer, literary historian, literary critic;
László AXT Jászai Mari Renowned artist,
PÉTER DUBLIN Attila József Prize prize, Dean of the Department of Children's Education and Pedagogy at the University of Debrecen, Head of Department of Literature, Communication, Cultural Anthropology,
BÉESES ATTILA director, Miskolc National Theater director,
CZEIZEL BARBARA, Director of Foundation, Budapest Early Development Center
Writer, Translator, Translator DONCSEV TOSO
ISTVÁN DÖME, an administrator who has retired at Hungary State Opera House t
EMBEY-ISZTIN DEZSŐ, Head of Pain Disease Division at the National Institute of Oncology, University of Paris
Artist artist EÖTVÖS, founder of Eötvös Circus,
PÉTER ERTL, Regulation Manager, National Dance Theater,
Journalist BOGLÁRKA FARKAS, former Head of ECHO TV;
GÁBOR FARKAS, renowned architect Miklós Ybl, University of Pécs professor,
PÉTER HAJÓS chemical engineer, associate professor at the Department of Research Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, University of Pannonia,
ZSUZSANNA JÁRÁNYI clever surgeon, joint professor at Gospel Department, Cardiovascular Medicine Department, Semmelweis University
KISMARTONY KATALIN, associate professor of Faculty of Music and Music at the University of Eötvös Loránd, director of the Wéber István, Ladies' Ladies
GYÖRGY KOCZISZKY, Professor of Regional Economics, University of Miskolc, Department of the Economy, Department of the Regional Economy t
Composer, piàna, drumair, CONCZ TIBOR
KOREN TABLE, dancer, ballet master, emeritus professor in the Department of Classic Ballet Institute of Dance Dance University Hungarian
ISTVÁN KOVÁCS Singer of renowned Liszt Ferenc opera,
EDIT KŐVÁRI, President of the National Autistic Society,
Folk singer MACZKÓ MÁRIA, artistic director at Bartók's Cultural House, Béal Bartók and Library, Turai
Supporter of MAGAY TAMASE, professor who has retired at the reformed University of Károli Gáspár, t
GÁBOR GÓULOR MAGÓ retired teacher, chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Catholic School of Students, founder and honorary chief of the Catholic Schools Association Sports Association
SUPERVISOR MÉSZÁROSNÉ DARVAY, professor at the Department of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Education and Kindergarten from Eötvös Loránd University,
ZSUZSANNA MIKÓ, Deputy Director-General of the National Archives of Hungary
RACZ Double Olympic Olympics, Universal and European Double Silver Medal Wrestler, Master
JARZAS SZARVAS, Mari Jászai a renowned and accomplished performer, an ordinary member of Hungary Academy of Art,
Psychologist Psychologist MÓZES SZÉKELY, general secretary of the University of Hungary Sports Association, who has previously been chair of the Higher Education Planning Board, senior researcher at the University of Eötvös Loránd, Faculty of Education and Psychology, ten once the iron man, t
JÁNOS SZŐNYI senior lecturer, veteran captain, president of the Hunting Club and Hungarian Military Masters
JÁZSEF VÁCITY, Director General of Markhot Ferenc Training Hospital and Eger Clinic, Eger
CHRISTMAS FROM PTER ZACHAR, Head of the Department of International Relations and Diploma at the Department of International and European Studies, The National University of Public Service, Convener of the Budapest-Downtown Association of the Christian Intellectuals Association.

77 people got recognition for the national holiday: Knight's Cross of Hungary's Prescription, one in which, the Twenty-One of the Hunting Order Order of Discrimination. Hungary, two of the eligible honors, and five of Hungary and Laurel's excellent artists.

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