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A cooler under 10,000 for the Arctic freezer 34

Introduction, assignations

It's not a simple matter to ask when the price / valuation signal is a priority for us when buying new hardware, because we need to consider many aspects before buying; this is just as true as getting CPU much colder than anything else. It's hard to find a good price at a cheap price, but Arctic has proved that this is possible – the question is whether the success of a rector is 34 successful?

Only heat

A freezer 34 is a member of a family of four members, considered to be an improvement on a freezer model 33, and the producer promises to burn 18-core "processes". Apart from the tested 34 freezer, the three other models include the freezer 34 CO (a double member), the recorder of 34 eSports, and the DUO 34 freezer eSports which is a receiving double air scooters; the last may be in the push-pull arrangement (ie, the air drawn by the front supporter through the ribs through the back logo) is the '18 a ' 'colder the cold. The one-to-one solutions, in principle, include a cooling performance of 4 degrees Celsius, compared to 33 measures, with a sound level 28 dB, and the eSports have a bioniX P and a waterfall. a variety of colors.

The box and contents
The box and contents [+]

Now that we have cleared the family tree with a place, we can see what is surprising at our food! Place the boxes in the box in front of our eyes, with 157 mm high, 124 mm wide, 86 mm deep and complete 605 grams of gram, fixed with two metal weights. control PWM (Connect 4 pins, Y-Discharges), 120 mm, draw water, blade, P-Series air tower. The fan controls the distance between 200-1800 rpm and has a 'stop under 5% PWM, including a quiet mode, 0 dB.

We test a topic, profile and source We test a topic, profile and source We test a topic, profile and source
We test a topic, profile and source [+]

The ribbon is made up of 54 pieces of 0.4 mm alman almond with hidden teeth, and moves heat through 4 straight surface of a copper heating pipe. As the 6 diameter tractors approach the destination process close, it does not cover completely, but we do not have to be doubtful as it will be just above the stone after roof.

The ribbon, from three angles The ribbon, from three angles The ribbon, from three angles
The ribbon, from three angles [+]

As a multi-platform solution, the fridge can be used for many visits: from the Intel section the LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155 and LGA1156 can be used, and the AMD page can be used to extend the device. LGA2066 and LGA2011 (-3) support, except for ILM Square (80 x 80 mm) Square. According to the recommendations of the manufacturing, Freezer can give a service to our center medium to 34,150 watts of TDP.


The fan series P under the tube The fan series P under the tube
The series sequence P [+]

The refrigerators are fitted with all the equipment we need: 2 screws, 4 scribes, 4 empty buckets (LGA115x), 4 one-word boxes for AM4, 4 conference boxes for LGA2011, plastic back cover, 2 a metal sheet of metal (containing the two small scratches in the center), a small bag of 0.8 grams of Arctic MX-4, plus a second pair of wireless lumps, if you place a second supporter on the ribbon t – we have a chance. .

QR code stickers, in place of a user manual
QR code stickers, in place of a user manual [+]

What we lost was a small booklet about the installation process. Instead, it has a QR code right (for example, it can be attached to the house side or inside if we do not want to see it on the public eye), in which this guidance is included. use only on mobile phones. This would be a big extension, but we think it is not enough. Of course, it is not very big thing to be behaving in order to promote it, unless we have seen this before, but always accept corporate papers.

Main boundaries
Name nameThe Arctic Auctione 34
confidentAMD: AM4
Intel: LGA1150 / LGA1151 / LGA1155 / LGA1156 / LGA2011 (-3) * / LGA2066 *
*: just 80 x 80 mm in Square Square
Size (now x x x me)157 x 124 x 86 mm
Ribbon boundaries54 lines of aluminum pots, four copper tubes
Size of rib605 grams (with windsers)
Size of person120 x 120 x 25 mm
Speed ​​of Fan200-1800 rpm (control of PWM 4-biona)
Carrying a loverHe gave them bearings
Level of noise (factory data) tmax. 0.3 zone (equivalent to about 22.5 dB)
Extras5% PWM 0 dB silent mode, put up on a second person with 120 mm, put in a factory with an Arctic thermal thermal MX-4
Goods homepageThe Arctic Auctione 34
Customer pricearound him. HUF 8,000

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