Aldi and Lidl got a line – they would have to close it soon

Last week, he opened his / her first business in the # 39; Germany, Torgservis, but had to close it for a short time due to shortage of freight. According to the company's spokeswoman, there was no great demand for the startup of a business in Leipzig under the Mere system, but in any case, the provider's ability could not be spread well.

For this reason, the company chose to close the shop on Monday and Tuesday, and has reopened after Wednesday after the stock has been completed. The semi-square store is specially for food, but there are textiles and chemicals as well as household appliances – handsetsblatt at

Russia has 950 sources, according to its own data, in eastern Europe and Siberia, but it is essential to extend its network to the previous East Germany, focus on the small ones. Leipzig's business opening is the first step in this process, and the Russian chain is about to go to. Opening around 100 German stores.

Computers are also very simple for customers who are used to release chains. The shop center is similar to a small hall with just products that are not packed partly on simple pallets and shelves. It's like buying a retail outlet. There are 1,500-2,000 items in the stores, 90-95 per cent of branded food.

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