Andy Warhol exhibition in Békéssaba – 444

An exhibition of Andy Warhol's work (1928-1987) will be held on 20 February at the Munkácsy Mihály Museum in Békéscsaba.

Péter Szarvas, homemaster, said the show was outstanding and György Andó, director of the Munkácsy Museum, presented the exhibition on the decade.

The exhibition will be organized in collaboration with Andy Warhol's Bukaric Arts Museum.

Martin Cubjak, director of the Slovakian museum, said Medzilaborce was the first museum in the world that was founded in 1991. Ruthenian artists' family had even migrated to the United States during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The museum's collection has been exhibited in 44 countries in recent years.

At the Munkácsy Mihály Museum Exhibition in Békéssaba – eighty material from the Andy Warhol Museum of Art Museum collection, which has a large collection worldwide. Some of the artist's personal members are included. Rich artwork incorporates a number of artworks that have been a symbol of the time. These include the Marilyn Monroe series in ten color differences and a larger range of self-illustrations. It's the story of Andy Warhol's baptism embodiment, which is obvious for his & her; The first time in Hungary with many of the rocks.

The exhibition will be open from 20 February to 26 May. (MTI)


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