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at BVSC home, Szolnok made its first appearance

In the fifth half of the male male polo polo in the middle of the season, the OSC and the FTC also won. For the first time in the lowest house, KSI had the opportunity to play after 18 matches.

Szolnok (third image: Humbi de Tumbász)

Szolnoki Dózsa completed the first fourth with a three-pole lead in the BVSC home, which could increase with two half-time visits, so teams could be allowed to between 10-5 differences. In the second half, however, the Zuglo team game came to an end and, in the third and fourth quarters, only won one goal from one third in the table.

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In other games for the tallest house, the leader of the list, A-Bridge OSC Újbuda, and FTC-Telekom Waterpolo came in second place, so the first place in the first three after the fifth round did not change. .

In the lowest house, KSI won first prize in the 18 competition against Tatabánya, while VasasPlaket suffered from a Szentes home, while Kaposvár PVSK, and Szombathely 11-11. in the UVSE.

water polo

BVSC-Zugló – Szolnok Dózsa 14–15
VSE-FTC Debrecen-Telekom Waterpolo 9–16
RacioNet-Honvéd-A-Híd OSC Újbuda 2–11
20.30: PannErgy-Miskolc VLC-ZF-Eger
Group B
KSI-Tatabánya 10–8
Kaposvár VK-PVSK-Mecsek Füszért 11–11
AVUS Szombathely – UVSE Hunguest Hotels 11–11
VasasPlaket – Metalcom Szentes 5–10

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