Baness Bessenye: She always had her business

In addition to 404 drama shows, 55 films and memory retention are Ferenc Bessenyei. Figure Othello, King Lear, Bánk white, Lajos Kossuth no Shy, the milkman is uncertain. However, according to Eszter B. Élthes a

Second-time Kossuth Award Prize

often in line with the value of attacks.

"Feri is like that

Ferenc Bessenyei, act of king.

a major artist

which can not sink. For example, sometimes the directors were responsible for the great heroic positions "A widow told Blikk that he still cares about her husband's artistic heritage." – – It was not a secret thing; There was a sense of neglect, from the sixty years ago. Environmental Summary It was not much understood or understood as a place of residence, its flexible personality. Like the women, when they hit everyone who, despite a while, caught her. No secret intention, many still thought he was coming close. "

of course

Bessenyei is also a supporter for the women,

his widow does not deny that the actor is historically.

"I do not say he was loyal because I would sleep – sigh. – – They always had women. Sometimes, my sweetheart is presently showing me and faced their relationship. But I knew Feri alone, I took it and I loved it like that. It was an interesting life, but it was not easy. "

She worked as a dentist for 18 years in Germany, so she was always traveled to the grave, and many of them respected being loyal and nature, but they did not. Some "important" people hated for the same thing. But, this worried his wife, although Bessenyei dealt with him privately,

he was not inspired by his old age.

Indeed, when they left off; suddenly with a bad heart failure, they liked it; life in the same way.

Ferenc Bessenyei was born on 10 February 1919 in Hódmezővásárhely. His name almost never fell to the National Theater. She married four times, her first wife was born to two daughters, and her third wife gave her a little girl. He was a two-time winner for the Kossuth Prize, a distinguished artist, National Drama and Society of Immortals. At the 100th birthday, on 15 February, the National Theater will remember its fellow students, but will also be celebrated in the Gizi Bavarian Museum and town.

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