"Bela Elijah, put the money back!" Camp Hali played

The druids sent a message to the chief of the sport of Halladale.

We have already reported that a successful three-year campaign against Puskás Academy in the OTP Women's League is being achieved. After the game, János Radoki, the chief coaching coach, gave the players clear what he is thinking about their achievement on that day.

In fact, despite the impact, progress is not fine, a financial problem lies in the air, which makes it impossible to complete the season.

For this reason, Szombathely supporters are naturally angry, and the winner of the competition has also raised their voices. Ugytudjuk.hu wrote that the drugs had a clear message to the sports director of Haladás, Bela Illés, who had said the football club had serious problems, the wages of the players were falling.

"Put the money back! Put the money back! Send Béla Illés, send the money back! Ooh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ooo"

– the supporters were unhappy about singing their team, and a reader added the following table.

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