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BL: One of my most important games in my life – Pochettino

English Championship, Tottenham-Manchester City game, progress to the Football League Championship League finals.

The Pochettino team try to surprise them (Photo: AFP) t

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“I think this is one of the most important games in my life. I have to say that we benefit from being involved in the seasons. We're trying to hit Manchester City, but it's very difficult, because it's a good team, ”said Mauricio Pochettino, the manager of Tottenham.

The expert with great respect for Manchester City spoke and said the Pep Guardiola team could win everything in 2018-2019.

“The manchesterers have been trying to win everything over the last few years, and Guardiola is one of the world's best coaches. If there is a team who can make stacks, this is Manchester City He also said.

Interestingly, Spurs was the first team to have made the city go to Guardiola, even on 2 October 2016, at 2-0. Although Manchester City's frame had been completely revised, there were ten Pochettino players in London at that time. It is the only way that Kyle Walker, who is now strengthening Manchester.

Pep Guardiola took everything to remove Harry Kane from his opponent now, as his colleague was on occasion. He proved he was very fond of the chosen attacker, but this team was much more complex than talking about a player.

The Spanish expert thinks Manchester City is a better team last year, and also in the fourth quarter finals, with a double defeat against the English team in 2017–2018. “Last year, Liverpool took away for half an hour and got enough time to get 3-0. I never forgot what happened, because it can happen now ” He said.

The parties only met again this year, but certainly the result could be reiterated by Guardiola: On October 29, 2018, the team won 1–0 with Ria Mahrez.

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