Car: Interior and exterior: We have tested the smaller and less expensive Tesla, Model 3

A tough, complicated child of the Tesla 3 world. 3. The fact that many of them were worried not only about the child but also about the mother. Now, in spring 2019, we already know that both of them have really lived out of existence. In memory, the model was launched in March 2016, but initial copies were not released in mid 2017, and European distribution began 3 years after they were first published.

Sales of the ancient continents were great and, in the first month, the largest number of electricity cars sold in Europe were launched immediately and all the local precious sedans were immediately rejected. That is, the A4 Survey, the BMW 3 and the Mercedes C. Class.

We say it's not hurry as it was because the Europeans, who had been right enough, had been waiting for a long time with the rewards of Messiah. The first home Tesla contract to open in spring but we can still buy these American electric cars in Vienna. We tried a long-term model of two engines 3.

Ronda enjoyed it

If you have a design that shares your interests in a car, it's a Tesla Model 3. But it's not like a share as Nissan Juke or LS Lexus. And it seems that this is because the American electric vehicle was like a kind of adventurer.

But because the compatibility of the electric drive series has opened up new perspectives for photographers, and as a result of the main feature of the development, the atmosphere would affect how little possible. This resulted in 0.23, or excellent, flood defense enforcement.

And on the deep and unique face, which, along with relatively high passenger cells, reminds some of the Soviet car prototypes and NDK full of water. Others are the four-wheeled Nirvana.

What can be fairly judged is possible. Well, Model 3 is nearly one centimeter just as high and high as a spine as the new BMW 3, which has just come out. He has a very different tranche and he feels it is not for good information and for the petrol.

The atmosphere of the room is right at the front and back, and the leg is larger than the back. A passenger with a height of up to 1.85 meters can easily connect a passenger of the same height, and can only get a thin end, obviously because of the stunning line. On the other hand, it's a glass, improving awareness of the place and making the weather more difficult in the summer.

The stock is very good at 425 liters, but is less than divided into 1 85 liters and 340 liters last. To wait for BMW 3: The Bavarian competitor also gives putton 480 liters.

Main? What's that?

In fact there is no key key, but no other electronic key arrives beside Model 3. There are two card move cards, but you can even leave at home if you like to open the phone. or starting the car. It is enough to stand beside the hand in the pocket beside the car and you can open the doors by manipulating it that cannot be opened electronically.

Located in a two-way, moveable, adaptable leather seat, you can see a table similar to the same concept of show concept cars. But this is a finished result, with the style of this astronomical style. Nowhere with a airborne device, there is no instrument, just a leather control wheel, and a 15 inch tablet on its right.

According to our unique idea, without representation, 14 of 50 voters are the lowest Tesla style as, and 36 more support the European booth. is more consistent.

To open the metallic tray, you can do it with one of the virtual buttons on the board, and we can also open the tailor. In the three cases, the shutdown is like a handbook, which might be strange for a back door. The control wheel, mirror, ventilation, everything, but everything from the middle display and the controls over the direction with a variable change.

But, when we wanted to stop at the meeting a little, we were looking for a menu member to do that. Aye. That's a stone-age style to knock the buttons that are hiding on the side of the seats.

The screen of the highest quality, it cannot be joined together, as is the user interface shown. Obviously I would burn Elon Muscos, even with fewer tools, on a digital stack. Even if there is no problem with speed of system: the Tesla menu is as fast as the latest iPads.

There are no round or rectangular ventilation games, the air is controlled from the hidden gap throughout the nose and is very effective in the passenger area. If you are very cold, you need to click on the appropriate pictures, and in the light of the display, the timber displayed on display in the exhibition will reveal in the digital fireplace, and the vehicle warmth will move to the occupants. Maybe we can say it even more amazing, but we feel ashamed of the fact that there are also sound sounds in the digital menu, and there is a controversy over the table.

With a large storage compartment with large storage parts, electrical and USB-C are included, which requires you to simply connect your mobile phone. The USB-Type-A stand is the company of "old-fashioned" air blowers, and they are happy that there is no word about the cardio tube. And it is very obvious that many car features are accessible from distance from the mobile phone associated with it.

If Model 3 is like an information technology star, then on the face of quality, we can give it the maximum number in different types with a calm heart. Problems at the door: no one is waiting to leave a doctor's door, but it can be closed with a medium force, with a noise. There was a case to close the door usually to one in five of what we even offer to Lada Vest.

The passenger section looks good at the first block, but our fingers gently break down the hardened materials which are much weaker than their prices, and even the articles of adapting are not even true. everywhere. There is nothing to assure, California is not yet in Ingolstadt, Munich or Stuttgart, although it is not possible to recognize the weather.

A fully liquid cocoa

Entry to the different speed data is not compulsory, so the Tesla does that well. In addition, the test car is not the strongest Performance version, but weaker version. Like the thing, it is not the speeding itself that is unique, but most of it is denied.

For an incinerated motor car, some of the automatic movement returns to the mare in a shorter or longer time, getting up in the machine, the turbocharger comes in and then the air. T acceleration. In addition, it is not surprising to note that the approach to listing is not only for the driver but also for the travelers to prepare for distance growth.

By contrast, Tesla does not have a delay: the pushing of the accelerated pedal (the word disappears) is to be pressed into the seat. And perhaps the hardest 0-100 object is not the hardest, but we'll do 80-120 flexibility work. That 's doing the normal thing. In our case, quiet in silence, with rubber rubber.

So around 350 keepers, or 530 Nm of torc, have the power to give anything from the Tesla that this can do. And if we turn on the most expensive version, we get about 460 horsepower and 640 Nm. Depending on time, there are stronger brakes, a race that is fitted, a bigger wheel, a last carbon spill and a method of tracking.

With Tesla Model 3 you don't need to draw it. In a good case, messages like this appear on your screen, so that Musket would get faster than 5 per cent from a distance. My dear, who is not?

So the little Tesla goes straight, but what are you doing? Well, the drivers are most familiar with this feeling that Tesla has started to carry out car work yesterday compared to the big competitions. We wouldn't say things are bad, but it would be a bit boring, a management approach, and we expect more information.

Another great enemy, called the big crowd, is like the large sports car. It is certain that the Model 3 graphics medium is as low as possible, but the mass of that general conflict up to 2-300 kilograms is not well suited for holding or braking.

It should be noted that in fact the cable takes out electricity when it is breaking. The engine's brake power can be modified in two phases, even in very large mode with very small quantities, even without normal braking. Similar to the last ride in the BMW i3 has been the result of a customary brake, the need for customization, but it can be obtained quickly in the town.

Self-direction, scope

Despite the people's opinion, Teslák has almost the same level of self-direction as most new cars. The scale 5 points is also useful, with the first A8 Audi jumping to level 3. In addition, the Autopilot feature is just 1.1 million impressions, and if you want the smartest version which is not available in Europe, it is a t your bank account will be tighter with 1.85 million impressions. They can also be returned, but then you will cost them $ 1.4-2.5 million. T

With many cameras and Module 3 with radar equipment, we were only lucky enough to try to use a short road motive abilities, so that we can classify it as one of the best solutions. But it is not useful, for example, by identifying the boundaries of speed on traffic signs.

We will not be able to comment on the scope after long use. The 75 kW lithium-ion battery carries the test to a 530-kilometer range at the top of Module 3 and a more rigid WLTP visit than it previously was. What it means is that in the car it is enough to fit a car on a gun about 450-480 kilometers. With a 50 kW and 62 kWh battery, the house has a 230V reduction slowly, and at its best, we can cut the Teslager Tesla on the car which pumps a 270-kilometer span of the battery in 30 t minute.

The house will cost a 75 kW battery charge around 3,000 forints, or 100 kilometers of less than 2 gasoline liters can swim. And in many public places, cost is still cheap, for at least a little time. Also, we are not talking about many of the benefits of the green consent plate, and that such electric cars have had few cars, lower service costs.

Conclusion, prices

+ : interior and exterior, breathtaking speed and flexibility, advanced positive electronics, low maintenance costs, long range, fast cost capability.

: Design Planning, Quality Issues, Protection Warning, High Weight, High Price, Expensive Books.

The Tesla 3 Model shows what happens when a company deals with IT-based car engineering. Those that are completely open to their devices do not have a gas hazard more than an unpleasant smell, and which has a more flexible acceleration in their driving experience, they do not have a better choice t at the moment the Model 3.

But for everyone else, it will be difficult to stimulate the minimalist table, the knowledge of tablet users, and the level lower than the European average. Although low maintenance costs can be appealing, we need to be rich first to save money.

For a time in the USA, Model 3 has already been sold "low-cost", reduced to less than the 10 million HUF, with a range of 350 kilometers, but not yet in Europe. Mifel is required to pay at least $ 18 million for Model 3, and a $ 19 million test car. The strongest performance is based on 21.6 million forints, and the occasional Viennese price, rather than domestic households.

By contrast, the BMW 3 has a new 10.9 million basis. The 330i starts at 12,9 million tracks for the most funny drivers, and is opened for 330,3 million for long-distance riders.

Although small, but if you don't like black 3, you will be asked for almost $ 700,000 for the white galore, and the red red tin will cost you more than $ 800,000. And if the black tape is weighted, you will get a bonus, 330,000 HUF. The car is covered by a 4-year / 80,000-kilometer general warrant, with the battery and a drive series of 8 years / 192,000 kilometers.

In our humble opinion, it's not worth trying to buy a Tesla Model 3 at the time. Among other things, European producers produce products similar to time in the market and, on the other, it is expected that Model 3 will become cheaper in the future.

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