AvtoVAZ is to give its latest model for even more broad lines.

To date, Lada Vesta's latest sedan was bought in Russia at its lowest price of 614,900 rubles (2.62 million toints), but the 20,000 rubles (85,000 forints) of the new Vada Standard Lada are cheaper. The 594,900 rubles (2.53 million forints) modernities are a 1.6-liter 105-hp petrol engine, a handbag, two airbags, a road stability, a face power window and a 15-inch drive range.

Lada Vesta SW is a cheaper version, also known as the combi export, called Classic Start and 28,000 rubles (120 miles forints) is cheaper than the default module. The 676,900 rubles (2.88 million points) are new including aerial and heat seats as well as the usual equipment.

The SW Lada Vesta Cross, which is carved to the fashion traveler, also came up with a lower price version of 25,000 rubles (105,000 forints) than the previous original model. The 779,900 rubles (3.32 million products) including Vesta SW Cross Comfort to & # 39; including water and light sensors, seagull control, multi-purpose steering wheel, and a 4.3-inch bright whitehead. Compared to normal Vestas, the advanced elevated models are 17-inch wheels.

Lada Vesta is available in Hungary at its lowest price of 3.7 million HUF, Vesta is a million millions of Vesta 4.1 million; , and the SW Vesta Cross carved on the passengers can be taken home after paying at least 4.55 million for tooths. For this time, it is not known when the cheapest Russian versions of the Russian market to Hungary arrive at any time at any time.

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