Explain the description of the Mercedes-AMG sports car and its cost. "It's expensive to explain expensive cars," said the owner.

Yesterday, he discovered that Richárd M.'s vehicle involved in the road accident Dhazsa György placed his new car with a new sports car. There's a 39; Blikk Reciting that Mercedes-AMG GT of $ 41 million is the latest car of unauthorized owner, but the posted photograph shows the much more expensive car. See the information!

Mercedes-AMG appeared in the autumn of 2014 in the Mercedes-AMG GT, which was due to a recently launched Seagull shield, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, which is 4.54 meters long, 1.28 meters. up to 1.6-tonnes of spinning wheel's sports car. The model is made in the shape of a cabinet and a horned road, with a relief of about HUF 4 million.

The basic model of the GT-type coupe is based on a German base of 120,315 euros (38 million forints), and for this currency a 306 km / h vehicle with 476 horsepower or 630 Nm biturbo V8 may be used. Which ones will take the 0-100 turn by 4 seconds.

The CT S Coupe is costing € 139,236 (€ 44 million), but as a result it has released 522 hp and 670 Nm for the mobile two-speed transmission.

This module provides acceleration of 0-100 in 3.8 seconds and has a maximum speed of 310 km / h. In a car like that, especially in the German white license plate, Richard had previously played: t

The GT C Coupe is already in the Hungarian Configurator, with a HUF 51,285,140 base. The 557 water-horse sports car and 680 Normal torches are all wheelchair users, accelerating from 3.7 seconds to 100, and accelerating at just 317 km / h.

However, a photograph of M. Richard and his new car may not be one of these simpler GTs, but the GT R jewelery is known from its distinctive special wing and back row, with a lower home list of 57,196,990. .

In this case, the high-ranking V8 unit in the case is 585 horse and approximately 700 Nm, providing level 3.6 at 0-100 and 318 km / h. .

Only one Mercedes-AMG GT, R Pro, is published at the end of last year, and only 750 copies of the primary price predator are currently unavailable at 211,701 (HUF 66.9 million).

His engine is stronger than the R, but as a result of the improved chassis and aerodynamics, and the lower weight, the car is capable of Nordschleifen 6 seconds better than R. t

“Extensive cars are really easy to explain. We deal with a car wind, a German friend is bringing in German cars, a German boy, and we provide them with long-term rent. That's why there are a lot of expensive cars coming to me, "said Richard M. in March Echo Tv Razzia.

"Although there are hundreds of cars we can't drive. With my friends, companion and driver I can continue to drive," said Richard M. Blikks.

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