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Contents – Culture – Presented by NKA to Moby Dick bassist

04/02/2019. 14:43
Amended by: 2019.04.02. 14:57

Earlier this month we announced the appointment of Miklós Kásler, the Minister for Human Resources on Gowrie Girn, the chair of Sopron organization, the great party of Hungary, and the Moby Dick rock band guitarist. Now the answer states that the NKA website has disappeared from the members, according to the information on the page, removed as a result of conflict of interest.

Removal of GB will raise at least as many questions as it was then relevant, as Kásler has powers of appointment in each case. Response and we also know that Garth was removed as a result of a conflict of interest, but it is not clear why the musician was inconsistent with NKA.

  • On the other hand, it was interesting that Gőb had not applied for a concert at Székelyudvarhely through the normal opening system, but his request came from Kásler. tall. The band Moby Dick also had a band. We have also asked a number of interested parties regarding this issue, but the conflict of interest was rejected because Gub was not yet the application to serve as a member of a college in NKA.
  • It could also be inappropriate that there is in principle against Gop as the president of Sopron's Hungarian organization, and so in theory it is not in Fidesz's particular place to exist. another party representative in the NKA. We know that some of them are captivated by tragic political ideas, to be seen and criticized.
  • The third theory, which is much more likely, is the government's main concern that propaganda was trying to place the Hungarian readers on the left side of the Smitism; white and white.

In the event, the national celebration of songs was successfully performed, without any problems, at Székelyudvarhely, on the basis of indexes and images on social sites.

We were looking for Gbor Gőbl and NKA for the case; as soon as we get a reply, we will update the article.

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