Contents – Economy – Ryanair has recorded a loss for the first time since 2014

Due to a significant increase in salary and salaries, the Ryanair Group reported a loss of EUR 68 million for the third financial quarter ending 31 December, MTI is a writing.

The airline's airline statement on its Monday website said it was € 1.5 billion in revenue in October last year, 12 per cent more than a previous year.

At the same time, a 30% charge increase to € 1.6 billion.

The reason for the increase is that salary agreements with trade unions have increased salary costs by 32 per cent and that more than 31% have exceeded the previous year due to changes in market prices, world.

At an operational level, the Ryanair and Lauda group created a loss of 68 million EUR after a profit of 126 million euros a year ago, with a 66.1 million group-level loss. One year earlier, they reported a profit of 105 million in the same period. Due to poor results, Ryanair shares fell by 4 per cent on stock market early in the evenings.

On Monday he also discovered that Michael O & Leary, who was famous for the unortodox driving style, returned one step away from the company and escaped from everyday issues. For the time, it's not far from the government bus, it signed the contract that will be a "#; stay in the main location in the & # 39; a restructured company company, and its work will be monitored by the company's business leaders.

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