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At the moment he left the secretary of the institute of Suzuki in Esztergom – a & # 39; writing For ports, Zoltán László, former president of the Trade Union Vasas, presided over the establishment of a trade union in a large Suzuki park, which would be the Vasas local group. However, before the firm was notified of the company's basis, the factory management indicated to the employee that it was quickly burned.

At Vasas, you know, for 14 years, against a man who works in the factory earlier no complaint was received from the employer. As a trade union secretary, the employee would be protected by staff law, and thus would not be able to be released after being officially the head of the local union.

Zoltán László said that Suzuki's staff were frightening and Vasas turned to his work court. But the new trade union has been good for Suzuki's leadership with this move, since the secretary has been rejected by the factory by security personnel, "the entry declarations come in." László is sure that Suzuki is aware that the law should allow the union to be established and be able to negotiate with the company in good faith.

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The events of Suzuki continue to strike the Audi staff strike, which has been one of the most difficult actions to do. Workers in the country could be allowed from the regimental change, and as we wrote after the strike, Audi staff could give fire to workers from other factories. Before the strike of Audi, a premature law The anti-Hungarian campaigns have moved to Hungarian craftsmen in advance.

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