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Contents – Home – Gulyay: In 2010, a new era for Gypsy politics began

The government programs did not succeed in attempting to provide basic support for Roma between 1990 and 2010, but in 2010, a new derogation was also introduced in Roma policy, the prime minister, Head of Office. T First Minister in Budapest on Monday, according to MTI.

Gulyly Gulyás believed that although there were good ventures in the past, they could not contribute to a significant development in the Roma situation. In the last few decades, however, the government has produced remarkable results: it has dramatically reduced the unemployment rate of Travelers after saying the state would only provide help, the Minister said.

While many steps need to be taken to ensure that Gypsy life opportunities in Hungary are not different from those of non-Gypsies, for ten years of prospecting, it is hoped that even in the next ten years it is hoped that Gypsy / Traveler people will not be affected. said the Roma are the winners of economic equality, he said.

Gulyás said that the Gypsy and Traveler community: "we have been living with us for centuries" and a wide range of achievements which have made Hungarian culture more wealthy, "he said. freedom, the Romans were always Hungarian-born, but in World War I they were valuable not only for the fiddle but also for their bravery in 1956 for the same Finally, he noted that they also came to protect the Hungarian people in the old Pogrom in Târgu-Mureş. The 20th century was a period of dictation and physical destruction of the Romans.

Maria Schmidt, Director of the House of Terror Museum, also spoke at the event. He told me that they are launching a campaign to remember Roma people, the “freedom fighters” on the road to change the system, and their examples remain forever. T Roma in Hungary.

Miklós Beer, Bishop of Vác, said on Monday the Roma situation is getting worse, threatening to break the country.

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