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In mid-March, Google launched a project called Stadia, a project that has been interpreted for years, with less promise for service players based on a cloud that would have been attached to YouTube and its t on almost all good quality platforms. also the most recent games.

There's no particularly amazing idea in Netflix and Spotify, and even more in the video games area, but though it is very easy to stream music and series, it is far more difficult to provide reliable services on due to customer activity.

At the same time, however, there appears to be a lot of progress: in the past, Microsoft, Amazon and Google have the potential for three enthusiasts from the technology industry, and the Microsoft xCloud project t be on the Google stadium. the whole industry.

You are tired

The concept of basic video player services is not too complicated: rather than spending a lot of money on a console or play machine to make the numbers needed to run the games, you are doing just provide the whole process to a server who does this instead of their own device. This will be really good on paper because it completely eliminates hardware barriers, but it will be very good

In the last forty years it has been clear that it is not so easy.

It is worth showing at the beginning that these services are usually visited as a game stream, this term isn't quite right, because this tool also adds images based on activity. the player, that is, two-way communication with a remote server. It is important to emphasize that

  • the unexpected breeze of Twitch flow
  • or with services such as Steam Link, which provides a signal from a stronger tool to a weaker one within a network.

The first draft of gaming services based on clouds was released on the E3 in 2000 when G-cluster introduced flashing games on handrails, and five years later Crytek began work on such a service. at the first part of Crysis, but in 2007 the project was burnt because they thought the infrastructure was not properly built.

In March 2010, OnLive, the first geological sports platform to be available to everyone, was launched but it was not false about its success: the microcontroller needed the service was not willing to t buying, and in most games it was possible to feel the delay caused by flow. A year later, Gaikai started with names like Dead Space 2, Sims 3, and Mass Effect 2, but they only pulled for a year and a half before Sony bought them.

A few years later, he was hoping that OnLive would do so, and in 2015, he was introduced by the Japanese, who announced that they would launch their own service under the name of PlayStation Now, based on Gaikai technology. This has been a great success against the previous hours, perhaps especially because many of the PlayStation specific games were suddenly found on peacocks, but in fact some of the controversy had been caused.

The most important of these is that you still need a fairly good tool for using it. But it is also important that there is still a slight delay in the framework, which is quite tedious for the Bloodborne, which is enough to beat anyone else. So the pads would be hard enough for two PS titles, they can't stand with PS Now, don't want to buy an expensive pocket, they are just buying PS4.

Funny of cloud

In recent years, as well as PS Now, there are other tests similar to previous competitors. For example, Nvidia introduced in GeForce Now, which is now looking to play for his own multi-media player Nvidia Shield, which allows us to play our own games on a remote server and Blade until we play. revive a market with Shadow, which is not just a play, but it gives the user a truly global tool, which is t

Unlike his competitors, he also supports 4K / 60 FPS and has a full HD response of 144 FPS.

However, the most pressing problem has not yet been solved: while the Internet has grown rapidly in recent years, there is a degree of delays in these services. This is not easy to avoid simply by increasing the speed of the internet, if the server is on the other side of the world, a frame will be slightly delayed if the data is released at a flash speed.

For this reason, fully-developed ministerial parks are needed for these services, and not sport. However, you also need to have a fast internet connection, instead of the smaller system applications, the head of single players could harm the web quickly enough. It is also important that such services do not use much data, so the problem of the accessible data is also resolved at a distance.

Another important issue is that if the Internet problem is resolved, service providers will be able to develop their devices at a scale as soon as they are able to deal with the customer base t growing. In the first instance, this does not seem to be a real problem, because it is a huge device, really, but more people will use the same time, worse t they will be growing, and the level of data stored by players is increasing.

Moreover, it is worth emphasizing the more common problem now, if the games come into the cloud, the concept of ownership becomes totally invisible, because we will not be only pay monthly for their rent. Here is an EA service, Origin Access, where the same thing happens, run by our own tool. But most likely Steam can burn on his servers at any time, so we're not the games we have recorded for him.

We are waiting for the cloud-based Canaan

According to the above, you are right to feel that there will never be a regular service, but you have to look at the phone guns to believe it is the time. future. Recently, for example, it was an enormous shadow that the Metro Exodus was moved from Steam to the Epic Store at the last minute, opening a new chapter in the war between Valve and Epic. This, on the other hand, can affect up to 150 million world players' billions. Other people can't run the latest games, and although some of them don't discover they haven't got enough equipment, most of them play the majority on the mobile device. although the quality of the games is behind the average platforms.

With cloud-based services, this mobile retardation could be included in the AAA world of the games, and for those who come together, it can be cut.

Large publishers have also moved on to get their topic last year, they bought Gamefly, a cloud-based video game, and most others follow the example before Microsoft, Amazon and Google start Users. .

Here, the terrible 5G is worth mentioning, that the world did not change for that time, but if the infrastructure is built up correctly and really starts, then the theory is many phones will be able to run the latest games. Here, of course, there are questions like a disciplinary issue, but this has been controlled by a director at the Google Stadium exhibition, and there are tools that can change your phone to a hand-held console.

Most importantly, of course, the biggest tech companies now see a philosophy in technology. Central recently assembled the most players in the forthcoming war and made a comparison

  • global infrastructure in the area
  • hard solutions
  • the video player's logo
  • the effectiveness of tenant participation and engagement
  • based on their games.

According to the page, competitors must be doing very well in all fields, but at present only the above criteria are met by Microsoft, so it appears that Nvidia will come to terms with their own criteria. collectively, Google and Amazon are starting to buy on the market, and developers must come together. expected.

Perhaps the best performing music industry is the current process, where flows have recently proved to be very popular, but at the same time the recovery has come back, and it is possible that this t The true message was that several million would spend on the music without loss. Spotify's music was probably the must for listening to Spotify's music with tens of thousands of ear-guards rather than its own price, but for most people this is very appropriate.

If cloud player services are sufficiently reliable, then the same will apply, but the war is just starting, so many questions remain unanswered. In any case, he is confident that the developers will be happy to finish at the end of the fight, as it seems that the demand for new games will increase and he can players apply for hard obstacles.

At this time, it's not possible to say what goes out of Google Stade or Project xCloud, but it's obvious that they are large-scale projects, and if anyone is, he can The companies behind them are based on the clouds. – or set up the foundations of future systems.

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