OLAF's report has not yet come to Hungary courts. In this case – as it happened on Wednesday morning – four people were involved, including two Hungarians. There is no public figure among the accused.

Fidesz's underwater deposit in Metro 4, the biggest pollution issue in the Gypsy-Demszky era, and the bribe scandal $ 2.2 billion on the Alstom underground vehicle transport, led to this role following a Anti-Fraud Office. T UK (SFO). and accepting that Alstom's officers could provide a bribe of EUR 2.3 million to win Budapest's order. For 9 years, the agency carried out an audit of the French cargoer's international carriage vehicles, as designated by Swiss authorities through the sale of trousers through the British company Alstom.

Investigations in thirty countries, a court in London at the end of last year, said that in final judgment there was only one case in Lithuania that had paid for the staff of the French government officials. As before hvg.hu, there were no similarities with Hungary.

In early summer 2016, a research committee was established in Hungary. Thousands of documentary pages have been reviewed, and have grown to full extent

  • some financial processes cannot be found
  • that applications submitted by companies and final applications are not attached to the paper;
  • the provision was made so that the winner would be more Alstom, t
  • personal aspects were used in the assessment.

It was thought to be a major loss to the capital and Hungarian state

  • the extent of the advance payment was increased from 25 to 50 in the message,
  • that it restricted the number of applicants without explanation, t
  • maintenance costs were on a long-term basis.

The total value of the purchase was bought at £ 263 million. Municipality Municipality purchased Budapest 22 M2 line and trains 15 + 7 M4.


In parallel to the committee, it released that there were over 597,000 euros flowing from a French vehicle owner Alstom to Péter Medgyessy in 2007 and 2008. The Prime Minister admits. the two relationships with the Alstom

it was the company's subsequent income award which was witnessed and the cost of multi-year work for nine people, t

and nothing is uncomfortable in the contract with Alstom. It also reported that the vast majority of the 597,000 euros stood in Katalin Medgyessyné's private bank account.

The Hungary State Audit Office's report shows that the Hungarian State and the Municipality of Budapest suffer significant financial disadvantages in connection with the construction of a metro line 4.

Another case of OLAF

Then the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) appeared: it has been investigating for more than 4 years and found irregularities in the investment. According to the OLAF report, the total cost of the metro line contracts is 4 452 billion 554 million 224,000 forches, and, according to OLAF, the conditions which caused corruption and impact irregularities were 272 billion 823 million 488 miles. Deaths.

Nándor Csepreghy, the then state secretary in the First Minister's Office, said HUF 167 billion had been "stolen or deceived", and that this money should be reclaimed by the authorities. T European and Hungarian government.

The report has been published publicly by the government, which has not been a case before or since. The Metropolitan Office's Office and the Procurator Fiscal's Office also launched an inquiry. Second, János Lázár, First Minister who was in charge of the Prime Minister's Office, reported in January 2017 on the Subway contracts 4, based on the OLAF report. The old chancellor said, "He has to pay a fine of $ 76.5 billion to the country for his Democratic city government for Budapest". According to him,

Gábor Demszky, Csaba Horváth and János Atkári are among the main causes.

The review is now, the Chief Executive's Office is involved in saying that four affect millions of euros and ending on wonderful contracts. The accused also includes one of Alstom's senior officers who, according to the conviction, millions of euros for one or more people in a public tender for underwater lines M2 and M4 with BKV. T purchase in June 2015 to win the Alstom partnership. . It is said that three fictitious consultancy contracts have been completed, the Danish and Austrian industry associations have taken an intermediate role in introducing a crop, and EUR 8.4 million has been paid. According to the complaint.

In August 2018, a spokesperson for the AGS reported that five people were subsequently heard as suspects, but none were a public person. There's a 39; Wash flowers and in January this year, she wrote about the sixth suspect, and has now been rejected by previous political decisions which were "an integral part of corruption crime". under the governments of MSZP-SZDSZ ".

I told György Magyar, who was represented by Gbor Demszky, that this issue has no relevance to the old mayor.

I am pleased that the review is ongoing and taxes have been levied, although all OLAF reports have been concluded with a prosecution.

The lawyer said.

For those suspected, we all know that they are all protected themselves, separated by two, and then on the stop. Among the accused, in addition to the two Hungarians, is an Austrian and American citizen.

24.hu wrote previously that the French and Austrian authorities carried out a paper review and Hungary conversations outside the UK. Because Austrian name Eurocontact has been found in connection with the Hungarian trade. The company was involved as a consultant in the business, and it had to be clarified whether Alstom-BKV was billed as non-consultant tax. The British have suspected three people: Jean-Daniel Lagan, Michael Anderson, Terence Watson, and eventually all were freed and no evidence was found of payment.

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