DVSC had an ETO belief but did not; can hit

For most of the first half of the year, ETO Győr did just after the result, and eventually won a 35-31 impact at Debrecen's home at the NB Women's Evening NB NB on Wednesday afternoon.

Although the first objective was set by ETO, it still benefited from DVSC. The three three goals won three times, 6-3, 14-11 and 16-13, but Győr finished his hand at the end of his first half, 17-16 converted and then won two -làimh at the end of the half too (17-19).


After turning, the paper came to fruition. Debrecen was in secret, the buyer left after, and in the # 39; The 45th minute had five goals between the two teams (25-30). Although the DVSC can get closer to the leader of the list in the final stages, finally, 35-31lost.

DVSC Schaeffler-Győri Audi ETO KC 31-35 (17-19)

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