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Earnings were raised significantly by Sándor Csányi

On average, a pay increase of over 10% is the pay package signed by Pick Szeged Zrt. In the days: the agreement affects all 2100 employees at the four meat companies. Negotiations reached between 2018 and 2019 meant a pay rise of about 28 per cent for the staff, Zsolt Gayer, president of the Pick Zrt Independent Trading Unit at Food Workers (ÉMFSZ), said.

The income raised by Pick Szeged Zrt is due to the payment agreement signed by the company and trade unions. On this basis, the 8% salary increase will be staff-based from 1 April 2019. In a corporate staff case, this represents an increase of 8% base level, and in a corporate setting of around 36%. intellectual staff the employer has the opportunity to make a difference.

The basic salary increase will affect the number of bonuses and bonuses paid to staff, so the signed agreement means an average salary increase of more than 10 per cent for staff – as stated above. T the FMA.

In February this year, the parties began the dialogue, which took place before October 2018 with a monthly increase in hygiene gain and performance at the employer's initiative, which gave an increase of 8 per cent in salary increase for staff. .

Zsolt Gayer said: The agreement reached in April 2018 meant a basic salary increase of around 9 per cent for staff, so an increase of around 28 per cent in the two years in the t average staff for Pick staff.

According to the president of the union, an important part of the pack in this year of staff is to receive at least county average wages in each of the company's plants (production centers are available). Pick in Szeged, Baján and Aloposol). average salaries are around 270-280,000 forints.

The company had changes at its head

According to his word, the current agreement ended with the new guidance and started negotiating about completely new funds. (Endre Nagy, Chief Executive appointed in October 2011, welcomed his own application in July last year, ending the old regulatory contract.

According to Gayer, based on initial data from 2018, the company was likely to be profitable last year, which provided the basis for an increase in recent income.

According to Hungary Forestry Association, problem is not a major problem: in the past the surveyors were afraid that a factory would produce a water mill, delivered in Mélykút near Baja, Germany. T , carrying people out, but it didn't happen. It shows that all of this has had a huge impact on pay rises in the past.

At Pick, a four month framework will be used to use seasonal tasks. No coverage of 400 hours of work has ever been mentioned – a collective agreement lasts up to 300 hours of extra time, but speakers are not came to him.

That's how Pick played

Based on the most recent data for 2017, Pick Szeged Zrt generated an additional 66.4 billion, and in the 2016 business year accounted for a turnover of 77 billion. At the same time, profits increased after tax to HUF 1,754 billion, compared to the previous year's profit of $ 993.5 billion.

The reduction in sales was not subsequently interpreted in the company accounts. It is probably behind the record that he opened It is also part of the Bonafarm group MCS Zorto Zrt. In Moab, at the same time as 2017 Pick Szeged Zrt Szeged has finished cutting the pigmeat, and at the same time the cutting work at Pécs stopped.

Picket has 100% owned by Bonafarm, the owner of Sándor Csányi, a businessman ahead of his 100 list 2018, with around 320 billion.

Pick Szeged makes Pick, Herz, Família and Ringa boards and there is a market share of nearly 20 per cent in the domestic meat industry.

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