The struggle between the two major German manager in the US market is becoming more acute.

According to the WirtschaftsWoche German economic newspaper, Aldi complained to the Lidl Association of the United States for a & # 39; Receiving an active business secret in court of North Carolina. According to the story that was given by, file file sent to # 39; case on 1 March, and has also taken interim measures.

Aldi manager is estimated to have been managing an estate today, who was fully aware of an American expansion strategy for his & her; trade union, can be deducted from the last market for unexplained purposes. When it was issued, he agreed with the company that he would not work for a competitive company for 9 months or sign up to a secret statement. Aldi has paid in advance for this time.

Despite this, she was suspected that she was involved in the development of Lidl who was an important rival in Aldi last year, and had a good knowledge. It is said that they used a map that was detailed in detail where Aldi would like to open up stores in the future.

You know, an old assistant was pulled, shot. According to the application, that employee has already had work at Lidl. Aldi believes that this has put into danger the business and business strategy of the US.

WirtshcaftsWoche informed some of Lidl's speakers, saying they did not expect to publish a legal process.

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