Erste League: After Csíkszereda, the FTC will also face its challenge

The FTC and Csíkszereda also benefited from the home route on the day of Thursday's final eighth quarter Erste League Eighth League Championship: the capital over 2 Capitals II for 2 -0, and the Sport Club put the Brasov 3-0 team for two Transylvanians. fighting warranty.



SC CSÍKSZEREDA (Roman) -CORONA BRASOV (Romanian) 3-0 (0-0, 1-0, 2-0)
Ciuc, 1600
ideas. V: Championship, Cocos, Ganglia, Geal
Miercurea Ciuc: LUNDSTRÖM – Belov, Papp Sz. – Farkas T., Flinta B. – Gecse, Sulakov 1 – Győrfy; Becze, TARATUHIN (1), Valchar – ROKALY SZ. 2, Részegh T. (1), Casaneanu – T. Bíró, Cs. Fodor, Krasnoszlobodcev – R. Egyed, L. Horváth, N. Rokaly coach: Václav Novák
BRASSÓ: Shelf – H. Bors, Carlson – Borisenko, Mihály E. – Bíró O., Nagy I. – Gajdó, Vasile; Gliga, TENDLER, Lidhammar – Michael Michael, Lee, Bíró G. – Patrick B., Tranca, Zsók – Zsombor Molnár, Zoltán Molnár, M. Judge coach: Greg Lindqvist
Showcase: 8, respectively. 8 minutes
Gate Soldiers: 33-37
Standing at one half to fourth benefit: 1-0 for the benefit of Csíkszereda
Václav Novák:
"We've worked hard for the sixty minutes, all of us follow the innovative guidance we ask." This is already a playoffs, which is a long series, but this effect can give more strength, we must do so!
Greg Lindqvist: – Despite the loss, we played well. Before the first chance we got the chance, but we did not live with it, and we got the second goal from a blue line. We can not hit, the enemy's guardian was well protected. Despite being a playoff game, I found it a bit & # 39; soft & There's a lot more left, I'm sure it's very hard!

FTC-Vienna Capitals II (Austrian) 2-0 (1-0, 1-0, 0-0)
Minutes longer …

18:30: UTE – Titans of Fehérvár

The fourth battle (DEAC-Gyergyó) is set to 1-1 and runs on Saturday.

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