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Future good news for pensioners: we're in a good season

In the last three months, pension funds had been charged on last year's definitions. The prices for most dangerous packs were.

Although last year was no clearer for pension funds, this year, it was sufficient to lose a quarter or two. According to the packet data available on the central bank website, after three months there is more than all pension funds, with the best exchange rate rising at 7-8 per cent. T .

He was the last to be the first

The dynamic package of the OTP Pension Fund closed at 6.92 last year, but this year the 8.6% increase in price was. The fund is the greatest risk, with an average of around 90 per cent. The Aegon Climate Change sub-division of 2018 ended with minus minus, but is now less than 7 per cent and the Allianz risk kit has fallen by 0.66 per cent last year, but is now more than t 7.6 per cent.

First Census of Voluntary Pension Fees
cash registersuitcasefertilization
Allianzthe danger7,67%
AegonClimate change7,43%
Golden Agemomentum5,93%
Golden Agethe balance4.16%
Golden Ageco-sheirm3.10%
Pannoniafair3.01 minutes%
AegonVery fruitful result1,63%
Golden Agestill life1,51%
OTPDetour risk0.30%
Honvéd'Market' money0.01%

stores: MNB, enumerated

He was faced with the task of danger again

Not only was the shared share coming from the OTP body, but also from other funds. Growth earnings, typically over 40 per cent of these resources, have won at least 4.5 per cent in the first quarter, an annual performance of nearly 20 per cent.

However, these are not the largest assets of the voluntary pension fund, but symmetrical care that keeps between 25 and 40 per cent. In this area, OTP has received a 4.37 exchange rate that is good news, as it can greatly enjoy the news. They are the largest cashier and the largest pension fund in the country. The output each quarter on fair assets was around 3 per cent, representing annual performance of around 12.5 per cent.

You can also make a brass band

Classical assets normally reserve a dangerous asset under 25 per cent, and most of them hold security that is almost exclusively of government. The income grew more weakly, with a package that did not reach half the first three months of this year. A reasonably good classical asset last year, means that their levels have fallen to lowest. Over the years, however, the high-risk packages are the winners.

The financiers who have little time away or get pensions and income, provide the lower risk funds, as they maintain value for money. At many pay places, payments are made for debts arising from very high risk assets, and these appointments have increased by 0.5-1.13% since the beginning of the year.

Private casinos also improved

It was also true for the private pension funds that the results reached the highest return. In the first quarter, the exchange rate rose by 5-6 per cent, the highest rate at 5.74 per cent for MKB. In the case of private pension funds, the biggest growth assets are those in growth, and the members who apply to the youth sector in most cases are classified according to their age.

The result of fair assets was 3.6-3.78 per cent, in this section Horizon supplied the slab. Classical assets 0.13 to 1.56 resulted in real value, and Horizon achieved the best risk reports.

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