Guaranteed Security Guarantees with the army and police

The situation in Bosnia is again more solid because of immigrants. A drummer of a well-known orchestra says that three illegal immigrants were killed half-dead at the front of their own home. After that, more and more people stopped local journalists and the M1 reporter that the situation in Bihacs was unstable.

Minister of Defense for Tibor Benkő said that the Defense Forces Forces would guarantee Hungary's security.

Not only are migrants being at risk in Bosnia

Not only is the risk of illegal immigrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are becoming stronger as a result of uncertainty, and there is more and more conflict between locals. Bihácsi told the M1 staff that the locals needed to walk down the street slowly, so that they could not get caught in strangers.

"Everyone is afraid of her, who laughed, mourned, and broke into a number of neighbors. One of them was damaged by her weekends, and thousands of other Bosnian brand name drinks were stolen, "he said.

In Baghdad, a few days ago, migrants hit a drummer from a well-known Bosnian board. The musician commented on this on his community page and sent some of his photos of his injuries. I was hitting me at the front of my own room because I sent them out of the staircase – the musician wrote the storytelling.

Another police party started in Macedonia and Serbia

At the same time, a new Polish campaign from Hungary was established in Macedonia and Serbia to help the authorities to abolish illegal migration. The Polish police support the Serbian and Macedonian border guard, and participating in anti-smuggling action activities and contributing to the capture of the illegal seizures.

A security situation was also discussed in the Western Balkans when the Minister for Defense was evaluated last year and talked about the activities of this year. Tibor Benkő named the state's stability, because, as he said, he is in a position; affecting the security of Europe as a whole. The Minister said that the Army will be involved in the international peace mission in the Balkans last year.

Tibor Benkő declared that the Defense Forces of Hungary, along with the police, promises the security of the country and the protection of the southern boundaries. As he said, as well as the pedestrians, thousands of soldiers in the barracks are ready for use.

Tibor Benkő said that the Hungarians and residents of the area are essential to remain in peace and security, and for this reason, a Vertical Army is strong and capable of being essential.

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