Guardiola wants to be a federal captain

Josep Guardiola, a major coach at City Manchester, gave a speech at the University of Liverpool, where he told students that he would be willing to be a federal one-day captain.

The 47-year-old scientist explained his opinion that he would like to rest more in the future.

I would like to control a quicker or later selection and this will be a great deal. happening because I want a bit of luck – and more golf I have no time now. We can see how I decide when a national team will; connecting to my door, "said Guardiola, telling us what the English league is different to Spanish or German.

The Pep Guardiola team is not available in the English game this seasonSource: AFP / Lindsey Parnaby

"The most challenging game is the number of games and many opponents. This is the only league with five or six teams fighting for the title. It would not be right to say that in Germany or Spain, much better than here. Just as you travel, there is a different culture and you will learn a lot, "said Guardiola, who is feeling that he is now a better coach than he & at Bayern München or FC Barcelona.

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