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He took the people to the airport with the Uber driver, and then he went back to their house to rob it

He needs to know that no one would be in the house in San Mateo.

He was arrested by one of the Uber chauffeur drivers in San Mateo, California, after a man attempted to take his passengers to the airport an hour earlier – the local paper said. The house was unable to break the house because the alarm was sound, so he blew into a house nearby.

A security camera view was taken out of both robots in both locations, which forced the local police to arrest the next day. 38 years old Jackie Gordon WilsonThey were kept in the house where police officers found more stolen items. They also come from a house that had not been stolen on a previous Thursday.

Twins in the brewery house Wilson had been in the house for four hours and had more bags of stuff after he had broken everything. After the couple had returned and seen what had happened, they shared the security camera records with the people who lived in the area, and said the driver was a Uber driver. The police, with the help of Uber, Wilson, who was arrested at his house in Rancho Cordova, recognized the police. The person was prosecuted for bullying, bullying and custody.

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The Uber announced in communications that they had learned about the man in the list and their drivers list immediately and that they were ready to work with the authorities.

At the same time, he revealed that the man could have a criminal register and imprisoned for a burgh. The couple told the news about ABC13 television that they had watched their community pages, and in 2017 Wilson sent word out of prison where he had been there. T seating half years for bullying.

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