One of the exhibitions in December was punished.

The leader of MSZP, Imre Komjáti, was punished for wrong-doing, who wanted to go to the Kossuth Square that the police stopped at one of the exhibitions in December and his # 39; encouraging others to do that. Komyatti hit the wall, and said the police were ashore, but according to BRFK, this is not true.

The vision was recorded, it came to pass that he was looking back with Komjáti with the police, trying to stop getting to Kossuth Square, but he did not. they got into the ground.

On Tuesday, Komjáti published his police letter on Facebook, which showed that he was punished for $ 50,000. You can choose to pay, sit or work in public work. Politics Magyar Hang He said he would go for public work. He would stand down, but he does not want to do this with his family.

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