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In April, the great Klopp heir, Gerrard's heir, arrived

Naby Keita Liverpool arrived for a lot of money in the summer, but RB Leipzig's long-time mid-game player did not play for quite a long time, and many people have already questioned Jürgen Klopp. But the last few days have radicalized, the 172-inch player has caught a bomb and surprise everyone with his playing against Porto.

Minister Keita in Salzburg (2014: AFP) t

an advertisement

Liverpool (English) -FC Porto (Portugal) 2–0 (N. Keita 5, Firmino 26)
Tottenham (English) –Manchester City (English) 1–0 (Son Hung Min 78)


Born in February 1995, Guinean football player began in his career as a football player at his native age, at his local Horoya AM, and in 2012 he was ahead of France, where he was a native footballer. FC Istres after an interview with Lorient and Le Mans.

In the adult team he made his first visit in November 2013 – in his second French class – at his first professional season with 23 goals and nine goals, and his classmates could not hold any classes in 2014. a & # 39; Gulácsi Peter (Indeed, until September this is Liverpool Sad Bull Manhattan is also employed by Red Bull Salzburg he was awarded a contract and came to be a cup and cup winner, and he was also elected as the year's player in the Bundesliga.

For a long time, he didn't stay in Austria for a club together, the new president in Germany. RB to Leipzig (with the Hungarian national team gamekeeper they came together with a team again year ago) and scored Dortmund's winning title in his first award. He secured a further seven seasons, and the Leipzig was a well-known silver sensation, and Keita entered the team of the year.

In Leipzig he soon became a spectator (Photo: AFP) t


So from the summer of 2017 a Liverpool it was agreed by the German team to pay 49 million players a player in the player's contract and benefit for the Leipzig season 2017–2018 (this was about 4.75 million as a result of European access, and 11 t million was kicked in case of BL). The end of the usual advertisement came in favor of a pound of 52.75 million pounds, he took over the enormous midfielder – the number that was Steven Gerrard, the eighth "red".


We can't say it would be a dream for his new team to have a hindrance to his injuries when he was able to play, it was not sufficiently fair, and many had felt that the t Gross money he paid out of his rubbish.

Then, finally, the last Friday hero came against Southampton, he got his first goal in the team colors, but more importantly his job on the club. Jamie Carragher is also known.

“There is no doubt that he started slowly at the club, much more than expected, and we have not seen much of it. But, he played better than Southampton than Liverpool's mid-town player this season. It is still another great work, but this was an indication of what we might expect to pass to Liverpool's midlands and potential supporters could expect. ”

And right!

It exploded heavily against Porto (Pic: AFP)


The League of Champions League's premier seasons against Porto de Keita have already played a great part in their predecessor season; Stage 9.19 – even though the season had a ten-and-eight-game series at an earlier stage when it was not even seven!

In the first part he played in a hurry, he could show himself twice as successful on the road as anyone else!

A football player emphasized his enemies, pursued the attacks well and declared the whole game Jürgen Klopp hoped for after his contract.

Liverpool took the lead at the start of the game, and after a weak start, he scored two goals in a week, but more importantly, he is able to achieve outstanding achievements in defense and attack. play the most important job of a Liverpool city player, t therefore for the season the success of Steven Gerrard Liverpool was probably successful – if the eighth number was already there …

"I wonder Naby was sometimes very small in the first instance and if you wish they would have to return to the game. From the outset, he did well, we hoped it would have improved from a minute to a minute in the previous game, and he wanted to keep it that way. It looked really, very good, now working hard, giving a good pack, playing well. The aim was excellent, I really liked it. It was certainly reduced, but the position we created was what we were trying to do. The big people were good, it was a very good achievement ” He thought after the blow Jürgen Klopp Manager.

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