Index – overseas – Saudi Arabia broke the phone of Jeff Bezos

In January, news was told that Jeff Bezos would become a member, and that tabloid had the American Enquirer added a bomb too, they wrote four months ago after Bezos and the love of Bezos. They claim to have "slippery sms" and "botanical self-confidence".

This is why Bezos set up his personal security team, and Gavin de Becker, a security expert who had been dealing with the protection of famous people from 1978, was a consultant to the Justice Department. The Amazon Chief and the owner of Washington Post asked to carry out a survey to find out how the newspaper would receive his private messages. Referring to experts and researchers

But now Becker dismissed Saudi Arabia about capturing the world's richest man, Jeff Bezos, and stealing his personal information.

Earlier, it was about giving his lover brother Lauren Sánchez the information to the scandal but, according to the private inspector, it was only a right of way to make the real people clear. However, according to Becker, the authorities Saudi were interested in Bezos because the American newspaper, The Washington Post (WP), which referred to the world of the entrepreneur, reported in detail a murder. T Jamal Hasogdzi Saudi, whose paper was hard enough to be ordered by the prince of Saudi. Hasogdzhi, also author of WP, was last year's contest for the country's consulate in Istanbul.

It is true that Mohammed Bin, who was associated with the death of Hasogdzi, considered him as an enemy of the Saudi Arab Crown.

The detective said. (MTI, Sky News)

We have dealt with the matter in detail in this article.

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