It was returned with the British Prince Flp

Determined by Prince Flp of Edinburgh, British ruler, who was a secret sabotage of the mt.

Idn 98 is the eastern English residence at Calde na Sile, Sandringham, who was killed in the crash at janur 17, when Land Rover Freelander gave the local local driver Driver In this way, he hit Kia rifle.

II. Erzsbet Kirlyn and Frje, Prince FlpFor: AFP / Alastair Grant

The Prince was above Land Rover, who was brought back. II. Erzsbet Kirlyn Frut out of the online accounts to help the klticksl site.

Flp did not have a problem, but there was a passenger carriage in passengers, Emma Fairweather's 45-bit shoes spread, the Kit that was causing 28 problems was slower.A nine-day boy traveled to Kia, but he did not go.

Jllehet is on the brigade's trial, and is a prince ids brlat rte, klnsen azutn mr on the msnapj crash in Sandringham, which was burned by Landik Ruik from Steam Tàileas Chirly, and Flp produced Voln mg lt. Radio was forgotten about security, and even more photk pages revealed, in which he was pressured that the command of the nlkl was led by v.

For this reason, Norfolk County Rendrsg warned the ruler in warning too.
However, Flp, according to the Rvid kznyny, published by Buckingham Palace, is still worried to stop driving.According to his first residence in London at the Kirly Chief, the Prince of Edinburgh had carefully considered that he was working to guide the rulers, and that was also.

Those who shouted in that palace Prince Flp nknt.In a short time after the event, autocompany was an uncomfortable traveler, Emma Fairweather dropped fragments of incidents in the incidental accident, and he could not say it carefully it would be a concern.

The Duchess explained the accident that was known to the crossroads, where the Tzu trtnt, but the dlutni time mr low jr day, but did not get the kéled msik jrmvet, and because of its adverse impact to do could be at risk.

The Prince Flp Kln also laments that Emma Fairweather was a suffering deeply in the disaster and quickly splash it.

For Prince Flp – if you find in a high position – you can go for, according to the Trtntek rule, tkzs rules are based on the rules for accidents with the eyes, and the "hatsg" previews to the test results ".

His passion in Flp for autvezets, and the prince was regularly routinely controlled by Kirly houses in London – Windsor, Sandringham, Balmoral – krnykn.

When Barack Obama was an American and senior chairman in 2016, Obama's official Obama official name of Kirly and Windsor Kirly's residence, Then, from the helicopter in the park for the castles, Flp was 95 years old over the country and helped the priest.The II Idn is 93. Erzbet Kirlyn will regularly run the fourth level jrmvt in London, if it goes to unofficial programs.

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