He cannot continue to help by changing the list of professional candidates.

One of the Munkáksy Prize Committee members left him, and Éva Krajcsovics, artist, told Miklós Kásler, Minister of EMMI, in a short letter.

In the letter to the letter is 24.hu Krajcsovics writes that he cannot continue to help with changing the candidate list in some cases and providing the professional aspects.

A Letter from Krajcsovich says:

Professor Dr. Miklós Kásler
Ministry of Human Resources

Dear Minister!

I am now telling you that I don't want to take part in the Munkácsy Award Committee as it is not enough for me to get all the votes from our committee, but not the prize and not even an award. The winners are announced without a vote. . Accordingly, the committee's work has been solely purely activity, and I do not want to add the rest.

Éva Krajcsovics, painter
Budapest, March 14, 2019 ”

Each year, members of the Munkácsy Prize Committee recommend to the Minister who is eligible for the award. However, it will be assumed that the current minister assumes it to a greater extent. a & # 39; artportalthe painter commented on this year's issue: t

When I saw the winners in the papers, I didn't want to believe it. I have been a member of the committee since 2017, and every year I have changed 1-2 names for our list, and each year I accept it if it goes beyond a limit, I let go. Now this time has come. I felt I was not moving, but I drowned if I didn't tell you now. They wanted to reward fourteen artists, and we pulled seven names out of our list, and made seven names. One of them didn't even include those who had submitted it. Four winners, who have not voted for, have to note that they are not professional candidates.

In the first place, the committee identified Emese Bács, who had not appeared on the list. "I would like to be somewhat satisfied by naming its name," said Éva Krajcsovics.

“Colleagues call my poem well, I don't feel that way. It is simply that names on the list do not contain any professional responsibility. ”

This year, the Munkácsy prize winner:

Pál Gálhidy, sculptor, art teacher in the Design Department of the University of Fine Arts in Hungary
Designer István Ilyés
Artist Richard Juha
Norbert Kotormán is a good artist
Artist Erzsébet Lieber DLA, associate professor at the University of Kaposvár
Painter Géza Mészáros
Tamás Olescher Painter
Annamária Őry is the painter
Párkányi Péter photographer
Gábor Benó Pogány is a sculptor
Painter Katalin Rényi, graphic designer
Ágnes Varga painter, graphic designer
Tamás Takács, graphic designer, artist
László Varga-Free painter, teacher of St Gellért's Catholic High School

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