Princess Meghan wants to give the child to the child by Windsor Palace.

A few days ago we wrote about the sound that Meghan Markle did not 'follow the example of Diana and Princess Katalin, and did not want to give her child to Lindo Wing, by avoiding the press.

Friends of the couple's relatives now said: Daily MailMarkle plans to give birth to a child. Passing, it passes into the queen's degrees, which brought her four children to Buckingham Palace and Clarence House.

Harry and Meghan Markle have recently moved from Kensington Palace, their new home in Windsor, so their home is physically separated from Prince William and Princess Katalin.

The sources also confirmed that Harry and Meghan are not ruleing out in hospital because the Princess is 37 years of age and their difficulties arise over the age of 35. t

An American friend said, however, that Marke had been practicing yogurt while she was pregnant and that she was in good health, and there was probably a child at home.

Moreover, the paper knows that his father will be born, and that Prince Harry will be with his wife.

(Daily Mail)

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