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Na Scroll Elder: Blades Beta Test

Amazingly, a letter from Bethesda exploded into my mailbox last week to release the mobile expansion of the Elder Scrolls. I jumped on to the outside, and after a while I was fascinated and unpleasant – but we start from the beginning.

We are in front of Skyrim a few years ago, the Empire made a peace treaty with their elves, their best representatives, and the plates were killed or passed to Thalmorok. We do such a thing in the history of the blades, so we are now a fugitive as a tradition.

I hope that after the spending screen no one will come as a surprise to keep an ugly picture of Tallmor back on our display and jump into the deep water immediately as we have to get past the same direction as when we can. First, many of us met here with the message of "thank you, but look back later", but today the game is available to everyone, only a Bethesda account is needed. The Elder Scrolls material also depicts the Tamriel world in an internal perspective, and which, from the first minute of the mobile games, which have been unveiled, gives me the ability to play both both telephone number – the user's user interface connects by side.

So he's sensible and has to catch tomadI was able to influence the plague in transport. Treatment is not completely complicated: where we enter the screen we walk around the character, we can look high at the screen, or in the way with the two toe, we can control the game as we carry a breath of breath with a console controller. The battle is not too difficult, we have to keep the exhibition down for time, and then beat after a blow.

Combining the enemy from another side can further damage the comb. In addition, blows can be hindered, if, if you use a shield, more effective, or you can use spells a little later after your first step. There is no such complexity as Infinity Blade's system, in fact it can be played separately by hand.

Like the big Elder Scrolls titles, we steal three resources: animation, magic and tolerance. From the last two, we have to choose which building starts at each point. We cast on magic from magic, but how much and what can we go into from front movements at the first head, armed youngsters, strong blogs, or strong beats, depending on our best.

Blades have no pre-built character classes, here we can look at three skilled trees. Capacity is more engineering than that, depending on the number of points of skill, we will enter into a specific sympathetic force, whether it be a sound, armed attack or tolerant bonus. Generating a character has many options to compare with moving material and so does the sliding system here.

You can choose from the usual Ordinary Types, but only enter your name by which it can be saved, as it cannot be changed again (indeed everything else). "We'll take a quick look at the early entry, and then I'll go over in the afternoon," having a sieve in a matter of minutes kitten… with this conclusion I need to make friends even if I notice later that I really wanted to make a hard drive and change its character.

The story goes that we find our village in ruins, ruined by Minions Blood. The city boss sees it as an opportunity to return, and, with direction, we can regain the city. This settlement is our main office, and we can name as we choose when we set down the hall hall. You can see the recorded campaigns listed in our magazine, so we'll be launching them with a separate button – we can work on one mission at the same time, and we're almost on the closed maps like was closed.

It's an MMO example, so we'll meet other players during our tour, but we can visit our friends' cities. There is no prospect of a free explore of the main story of the series here, click start to launch and we are already flying to the still. With the relocation of the town to its main aims, not only is we responsible for standard military equipment, but also the raw materials which will help us build new buildings in our town, but it is possible that We also made things for their own sake.

In Blades, a normal mission is to: move things on the map (for example, breaking them or drawing weapons). As we move forward, we are always attacking enemies who will only attack them if we get close enough. Eventually, using the fighting system described above, we have left them and we will be keeping them.

In both a Township and City, the game has an Abyss method, an endless dungeon where we get, the richest prizes we get, and we get the equipment according to the total value of dead creatures. Amazingly the Arena star, we have 1v1 fighting with our other players. And what is the biggest prize for them? Different fiscal materials containing strong and rare materials, raw materials, magical drinks, depending on the type.

These are the main problems with the game. Because I had the change to think that a company sold this product with millions of pounds and has a pay-to-win app (Fallout Shelter), then it's not fall on the other side of the horse. I was wrong. The boxes in the Blades have a number of restrictions, on the one hand they have a limited number (we can increase the number by gems) and on the other it depends on how rare it has been.

Only one coffin can be opened at a time, but of course we can accelerate the process with a few games. It also falls from a mobs, but most of it gets to get into your pocket. For a long time we can go for adventure, go ahead quickly, grow the town and then smash the walls suddenly: we come into that front that some walls are paying to the other. Clearly, in any of these mobile applications, if we visit, we're moving faster – the key is to go without a very good game.

I will try to get this hardness in the early access form, hoping the system will be redeveloped (we have already promised), but it is far from incomplete in its current form. Certainly between Skyrim and infinite users who jump into Blades, buy a card game, and everything is fine, but I think it's twenty times. their ability to play with a piece of their favorite set – that is why it is important to improve the system. It is a simple wooden chest that can open for five seconds, which can be completely accepted, but the next three silver boxes will give three hours …

In fact, we can play easily, but as a reward, more of these coffins come into our chest, so there is a lot of cash boxes in our hands. In fact, we won't open them in time – we don't get chance to exchange valuables and raw materials in exchange, which we should go any further. For stronger tone this is more of a problem, the more rare, and obviously we open if we know that we will never call the phone.

However, if we are pushing the game because it looks good (and perhaps considering the visual design of the Elder Scrolls VI) he has energetic music, and generally a great mobile phone game. we can't do that easily.

Please be so too and I hope that it will come to Bethesda with substantial negotiation, based on high feedback, as it can earn much more than the income from the gem system with the t Existing system.

The Elder Scrolls: IOS and Android platforms are currently available. We tried it on an iPhone 7 device.

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