New tab: Archmage Vargoth – Free before release

The most recent, crisp, neutral Legend of Rise of Shadows was published at IGN. This will be available free of charge to everyone on requestAnd he's a Neutral Legendary King!

Archmage Vargoth

Archmage Vargoth: 4 Mana, 2/6, Legendary. At the end of your entry you use the spelling you used in this tour (random targets).

When will we get this card? We have not known exactly what this is, but as it is possible to participate in pre-release events from 5 April, that will follow the card's cards on 4 April (Thursday). The latest cards will be shown live on Wednesday, 3rd April at 19:00, which will not appear earlier. So answering the question Probability 99% on 4 April, at 19:00!!

Next card is scheduled for 1 April after 03:00.

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