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Prince Harry would not want Fortnite, so half the Internet is angry with him

Prince Harry he met mental health groups of the youth of the YMCA in London, where he spoke in this framework, he was described by Cosmopolitan. Of the use of social media, as older ordinary people are silly, say they are dangerous to young people and demonstrate their own appearance, today's young people are always counting as opposed to going out to my play.

In the modern world, social media is older than drugs and alcohol. And it is more dangerous because they are normal and are never finished. We live in brain explosions.

If it directly raised the dangers of social media, it may have stayed within the boundary, but it is difficult to accept someone who claims that the nature of heroin is more dangerous. . But most of the internet was not overwhelming, but as it went into one of the most popular video games, t Fortniteinward.

For example, a game like Fortnite is not good for a child. Parents just opened their hands and they don't know what to do with it.

Indeed, it went so far to stop the children.

• You should not be allowed. What is family use in the game? It is designed to help prevent slavery to stay ahead of the computer as long as you can. Unfortunately, they did not.

In fact, the internet has passed the prince. Many people have complained that they teach their parents who are now expecting their first child. Many people thought it was strange that the prince had just been an Instagram account.

But there was a man who wrote to live innocent animals instead of chewing young people, who were having fun because they didn't harm anyone.

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