Saudi Arabia says they are involved in stealing pictures of Jeff Bezos

In a few minutes, Jeff Bezos was involved in the world's political world. This week, Amazon's proprietor and the world's most affluent in blog post revealed that famous US rumor lawyers were black-haired if they did not stop the investigating the opposition, they will appear the conquest drawings of Bezos they arrived.

The story says that the richest man in the black world with pictures of his tail that had previously written that he was lamenting his wife, and so Bezos called and his last wife they would break up. . But in this case, the political threads were introduced immediately: Beastost, National Enquirer, by David Pecker, a friend and assistant of US President Donald Trump.


According to a new proposal, the National Representative bought the campaign for good money, and then went to her; hiding the stories of women who may have a connection with Trump. In addition, Trump is famous for being in Bezos and making things even harder because Bezos is one of the most important American political materials, the Washington Post.

And then the world's political wires come to this. The National Representative has already been published on his first exchange of messages by Bezos and his lover in his article on having a " cracking, and Bezos asked a security analysis to find out how he could mix his messages. The publishing company came on from here and their lawyers started to behave Bezos with letters that had been sent to her. Increasingly, the Washington Post did not oversee the findings. In addition to legal risk, the risk of clothing was also raised.

However, Bezos would send all letters to her; his blog, his & # 39; cows that were rented for days. At the same time, his security advisor, Gavin de Becker, also sent off television interviews that he thought Bezos had not broken his phone, but it was possible that a government took hold of his message and Then he got the board. From there, there was no stopping on a foolish coaster.

David Pecker on the left, 2010Photo by JOE KOHEN / AFP

On the one hand, if this is true, the question will arise regarding the security of your message, even though the richest people in the world can send a message to tabloid. On the other hand, it was a wild summary; immediately in which the government department was involved.

It was complicated because the former NSA officer was a security analysis, John R. Schindler was written in the Observer that he was not sure that he would be the American government. In order for the NSA or the FBI to access Bezos messages, court authorities and suspicion of a type of crime, the information obtained from these groups is not normally released into chnocan; He can stand even in the back.

Instead, it may be useful to look around the foreign confidential services that you know about watching American citizens and doing it; get the technology necessary. By expressing age, Schindler has a & # 39; Moscow and Beijing were thrown apart from those who had the reason and the ways to do this, but it does not spend much time to bring these arguments forward, because it is a & # 39; turn to Saudi Arabia.

As well as Saudi people's acquisition, there are several things to say: on the one hand, Jamal Khashoggi, a journalist on paper Bezos, Washington Post, who was killed in Istanbul, Last year with Prince's leadership; Saudi Judge. In addition, Bezos became famous in his blog work when he wrote that Pecker was seriously injured by recent articles from the Post Posted by Saudi Post, as he was interested in a business in the # 39; the monarchy of oil and was destroyed by these writings.

Schindler also says that the Israeli, who are in close association with Israeli information, Israeli technology in 2017 have bought, with which phonetic content can be thrown away, and as a result, there was also suspicion.

Although there is not much concrete about stealing Bezos's images at the time, but the international mind is higher than her; show that the Saudi people have already denied the facts that have arisen. As Foreign Minister, Saudi Arabia, Adel Al-Jubeir, said in an American channel, it's like a soap opera for the whole story, and that's just a matter for both sides, they have nothing to do .



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