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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The ToSoftware new game has developed another challenge.

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Known from lack of fitness games, FromSoftware Japanese has a new title. Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team Dark Souls But, after his mercy, he started a very different way and tried out a much more active style. After a grand final, they were able to create the right title which was already as old and earlier and which still features the remarkable qualities of the studio.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Test - Other work from Dark Souls developers.

There's a 39; Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice the XVI. It happens in Japan in the 19th century, during the Sengoku period, which was head of the principles of war. In a feudal rebellion, there was intense fighting between the continents. We control that sino, that ninja, which is cut off with the arm of the arm after the first minutes of play. Waking up in an abandoned temple, the original members we needed were replaced by a secret figure by art, and then we were able to meet our missionary ambitions in major campaigns.

There's a 39; Sekirei Like the previous games in the studio, he works with a unique but non-punitive and punitive system. The fight is much stronger and he wants a lighter sight than he does Dark Soulsthere. There's a 39; Bloodborne it is already clarified here, but here the attack and the end of the conflict decided. In many cases, it will not be the opponent's life, which should be largely examined, but kept and balanced, by an ever-increasing current. If it's full, we can make an unfair stop with a lively cheer. Their holdings are broken with successful drawings and punishments applied well, so the rhythm labels are the most important to success. You have to overcome your past practice, and here in many cases surrender and abdicate our death sentence. In most cases, ninja the type, stealth and puncture of our work is made much easier, so a good condition and break up are also important for our success. Although there are some issues, their understanding of opponents is unreliable and seen when they should not be, the system of dependence is well developed.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Test - Other work from Dark Souls developers.

The title also mentions that the hero has two lives, that is after the first death we can return once to life. In many cases this will be very useful, but it won't make the game too easy, as most opponents move easily to the permanent hunting fields with a few strokes or combos. In particular, the stricter enemies and the main tired enemies, and like the earlier games of the studio, are only capable of winning through many attempts and impartial action. The direct result of this time of death is that half of what we know is the loss of the next capability and the money we have lost. There is a 30% chance of leaving the penalty, but it goes down with continued death. Then NPCs will take the game from a secret illness that will also stop their process (which can cure something wonderful). We therefore have to deal with the consequences of our mistakes, but they are more suitable than previous studio work.

The game development system has been set up on other bases, this time we're getting strength and stamina at the end of the game with insufficient stability and stability. Our equipment is limited, and our faithful catana finally brings down end of life to the end of the game, and our updates to our logo will diversify our arsenal. We meet by throwing stars and firebows with axes and other useful tools, which are limited in their use, and so are not used without use when needed. Our character is enriched with the help of objects that can be collected, our lives and the number of our medicines are getting on well, but we never feel more vulnerable. Knowledge points can also be used for skills that are available at a range of abilities, including passive and active features and attack forms. Most of them are very useful and will be very successful in terms of success, but our main fighting factor is our fighting mistakes and fast-moving reflexes.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Test - Other work from Dark Souls developers.

The line structure is structured around what you know from FromSoftware games. Built in the armband, you can easily travel between high altitude points and a big jump, so our character's ability to outlaw warriors more than previous game guards. The rescue points are more complicated this time and the information can be put in touch from the beginning of the game. Tutors at introductory level are well supported by pop-up tuition, information windows, and much more easily explaining the game story than the stories they can often discuss from subject lists. So it was easier to use Sekirei, but it was also a significant problem for the studio. What is important to note is that the emphasis is on the well-designed single-player experience, so we lost the collaborative solutions and conflicts between the players so far.

There's a 39; Sekirei his graphics are excellent, carefully designed, displaying the enemy and the Japanese buildings rich in colorful and colorful colors and gloves. Animals and animations are also a top priority, and we cannot complain about sounds, sounds, Japanese linguistic synonyms and music that create the perfect environment. The movement of cameras and the control system is also good, as we can only blame ourselves for any failure.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Test - Other work from Dark Souls developers.

There's a 39; Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice other excellent work with perfection from FromSoftware workshop. The studio is unable to make a mistake, this time it has changed and changed many things, and they have created a very attractive piece of artwork which was created with good care. If you are interested in Souls Dark or Bloodborne, you can immediately remove it SekireiSo far it is worth trying to avoid the studio games and stand up to the challenges, as this may be one of the best games this year. ■


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
good things

  • Beautiful, beautiful graphics
  • A well-developed system of fighting and development system
  • Widespread, warm areas
  • A tough but stimulating challenge


  • Many people may have problems with problems
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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