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Serie A: Juventus can be a warrior at the weekend

The Juventus football team will be able to ensure that the eighth final, 35th Italian competition, is in the series this weekend.

Joy for the Juventus players after Empoli's Last Fall (Photo: AFP) t

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There's a 39; Juventus A total of 18 points ahead of it a Naples, so if you were hitting at the house on Saturday Milan, and Naples Sunday, also for the listeners – no surprise – finding out Genotolysis, The difference was 21 with seven laps by the end. However, the results against Juventus are favorable: the team of Massimiliano Allegri won 3-1 in Turin and 2-1 in Naples.

That assistance is right from that body, a András Schäfer Geno, who was able to benefit from 17 March, 2–0. At the same time, a Genoese ensemble has had a strong influence on Juve's drugs, and in some cases travels seriously to Naples, but can not be described as unlikely, as competitions are inferior. home to a secondary school.

Carlo Ancelotti's disciples will be performing Arsenal the following Friday in the final of the European league final, and probably this week, they have been focusing on this game. can be one of the reasons for the dramatic loss they encountered on Wednesday.

However, it is not surprising that Naples could be affected because Juventus is ahead of the Ajax Champions League quarter finals and knows it is a huge victory for the players "not to stop" themselves on Saturday .

These are so much more important for Milan, as the club has a clear aim to address the BL. However, the fourth position is in a row with the exception of the last three rounds for Atalanta, and Lazio has only one point for lost points.

One of Italy's most prestigious keepers has grown unanimously in recent years. The last time Milan played a Juvé in the league match in October 2016, then played on home. It is now more than eight years since the last Milan success.

Best weekend game at weekends Atalanta Internazionale will meet it. The fifth, bergamot fifth in Milan's superb shape, five games without silence, and the third home won three of their last four games. Guests can be encouraged – along with their coach and fellow members – t Mauro Icardi He was able to return to this event, and during the visit he visited Genoa to win a visit.

Adam Mor Thursday, for the first time since the appointment of the head of Színna Mihajlovics in Bologna in January, the team honored 4 to 1 on the Atalanta and traveled back to the 18th place. So the question is the guest Chievo Will the Hungarian nationalist confidence inspire again at the Monday meeting against her team.

Parma-Torino (TV: Digi Sport1)
Juventus-Milan (TV: Digi Sport1)
Sampdoria-Roma (TV: Digi Sport1)
12:30: Fiorentina-Frosinone (TV: Digi Sport1)
15:00: Udinese – Empoli (TV: Digi Sport1)
15:00: Cagliari SPAL
18.00: Internazionale-Atalanta (TV: Digi Sport1)
18.00: Lazio-Sassuolo (TV: Digi Sport2)
20:30: Naples-Genoa (TV: Digi Sport1)

1. Juventus30263162-19+4381
2. Naples30196557-26+3163
3. International30175847-25+2256
4. Milan301410644-28+1652
5. Atalanta30156964-41+ 2351
6. Lazio29146942-30+1248
7. Turin301212640-28+1248
8. Rome30139855-45+1048
9. Sampdoria301361151-40+1145
10. Fiorentina30815746-38 +839
11. Sassuolo308111144-49 -535
12. Genoa30891334-48-1433
13. Cagliari30891328-42-1433
14. Parma30961533-50-1733
15. SPAL30881427-42-1532
16. Udinese29781427-41-1429
17. Empoli30771638-56-1828
18. Bologna30691528-47-1927
19. Frosinone30481824-56-3220
20. Chievo301111821-61-4011
Three points will be taken from Chievo.

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