István Tarlós was promised.

"Given the views and interests of the population of Budapest, the Chief Executive – agrees with Zsolt Láng, President of the Commission – informing the Red Bull Red Cross organizers, as a result of the situation Unacceptable to the event, the capital can not afford permission for the planned event for July this year. " for organizers to watch the Danube Bend or one of the main lochs in Hungary, "said Market Office in a statement.

On this week, it is likely to have been sold for 13-14 July, but the city has not yet been added to the town. Thursday a World economy He wrote that the organizers were not yet settled by their home administration, so they did not have their area reservation. Szucs Somlyó Martha, chief of the Press Officer, you will also strengthen this The organizers did not answer our questions.

István Tarlós went out of the summer again to the main town for the inconvenience made by his competition and he said, He is the seaman, "under the same contract" there would be no more "worst worries in the town".

There was also a different contract for the organization, which cost one third.
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The Péter Besenyei World Aerobatic Champion was under the Tisza Bridge town.