Microsoft is not already considering Internet Explorer as a browser. One of the subsidiary security experts in the company says there is a danger that someone still uses it for browsing.

Shortly four years ago, Microsoft has decided to become a basic browser, Internet Explorer, after 20 years. The new development was named Edge and was used by Windows10, the company's new operating system. However, this does not mean that Explorer would have disappeared forever from our lives.

Although many people use Chrome, Firefox, or not. Moving to Edge, there are still corporate users that want Explorer. Their recent message Chris Jackson, the cyber security expert on the Windows section and & # 39; company, when he said that anyone who continues to & # 39; Using Internet Explorer as a basic browser that presents a great security threat.

Users have never used browsers even because they have used many web-based networks that are consistent with it. Microsoft has been trying to encourage them to update their apps in recent years, but in many cases, these administrators did not. In Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11 is used in the Enterprise mode called this, so the essential requests follow.

According to Jackson, Internet Explorer is now a solution for comfort, not a browser. Newer web standards are no longer included and developers do not think of Explorer – a & # 39; writing The name.

Microsoft is sure to wait for the best solution from the new Chrome-based browser, It can also drag the rest of the user from Explorer.

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Microsoft announced Tuesday that it would stop & # 39; supports TLS 1.0 and 1.1 for a TLS security protocol – but there is a lot of fun.

Although Microsoft has long been Edge's suggestion for browsing, many still have a & # 39; using Internet Explorer. Now, in the end, there has been a real problem.

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