In the last few weeks the information about Samsung Galaxy Note10 has started to slow down, and now there is another news.

At the beginning of January, everyone was wondering how the mobile phones will rise next day, members of the Galaxy S10, but not just that, we just want to hear from industrial scenes and information. T Note: Samsung's new high-tech gadget to come this year, Note10. about it. There has been a lot of information about the machine in the second half of the year, and the most amazing thing is that companies in the country in Korea are now appealing and will include different versions of the phone. T Mobile, which is unusual.

First, we would hear two types of Note 10 coming in, and a few days later, four different mobile phones were switched on the market. Both don't collide because the "two" refers to the size, and the "four" to the specification. He first said he was accepting it Sammobile.

The store has two symbol numbers: SM-N970 and SM-N975. These may cover the Galaxy Note10, as well as the larger version, perhaps the Galaxy10 + note (mentioned). Mobile phones can be described here early.

Alternatively, a 5G version, with the serial numbers SM-N971 and SM-N976.

Indeed, there are different differences from this: for example, the Chinese version, always add the module number, and the rest of the world will be marked as F. You can also get a DS member. for this name, this is the double-headed card version.

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There had been rumors before about two types of Note10, now it seems that it comes twice.

The first details were about 6.75 inches Note10, but it appears to be a smaller version.

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