Talking about the 5G, the new P30 and P30 Pro, and the company's future plans, a GSMAre interview by Richard Yu, which says Apple is now losing real innovation.

After a few days ago, the P30 and P30 Pro introduced a number of representative delegates, including the P30 GSMArena Also, journalists could meet Huawei CEO Richard Yu to give him more questions in an interview.

During the discussion, it also discussed the possibility of camera and zoomable capabilities. According to Yu, he is proud of his experience of telephones and is pleased that he has a reputation that is thought to be highly sought by users.

There's a 39; GSMArena He also asked why mobile phones could not be recorded in 4K at 60pm. According to Yu, there are two reasons for this: the 4K resolution is quite marvelous, with a small screen device never seeing anything, and the size of registrations will quickly get what is available. "It's a bad dream for consumers," Yu said.

Speaking about the new Apple video service, he said it was great to try and expand in an area of ​​services, although he was aware: t

Today, Apple is not as smart as he has been, and has some new ideas.

While such a narrative is not as part of a competitor, Yu's words are measured by the list of most recent companies, Boston Consulting Group, a few days ago. After thirteen years of continuous driving, Apple descended from the top of the podium, and swapped to the third place immediately.

In the interview, Yu called only a comment to Cupertino, the US government. According to the information, the USA is trying to block the space for movement as they know they're ahead of other competitors in the development of a 5G network.

From the interview, folding Mate X was not abandoned. The CEO said that technology remains expensive today, but believes that the price of appliances will fall to the limit of today's high-speed mobile phones. On another question, he said that it was not possible for more phones to be folded over time.

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Huawei have published their final report last year. Last year 's strong business company statement: sales rose 19.5% to 721.2 billion yuan, and its net profit reached 59.3 billion Yuan, up 25 per cent on the previous year. Despite what has been said that the USA has witnessed public evidence for years, smartphones are spinning better.


He also refused western assumptions that the Chinese government would use Huawei technology to monitor it.

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