This year's best-selling consumer magazine that won Samsung's best phone phone this year is one of the world's best phone phones.

United States Customer Reports According to consumer magazine, the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, which you can get here by clicking here, can be the best choice if you buy a smart phone (and indeed you're not interested in this) price price). This time, the group has had an interesting way of examining, and it also shows that, apart from the main insecure investigations, one of the key components of the assessment is the specific performance of the device in meet the requirements of the machine.

The Galaxy S10 + is unique in areas such as operating time independent of the network, display quality, cameras (five of them), and sustainability. A side of the 4100 mAh battery, a Customer Reports it also indicates that the Galaxy S10 + (39.5 hours) longest battery life was measured, which is an extra 8 hours than the previous hero, Samsung Galaxy Note9 – – for this measurement, a robot branch was used, representing normal user interactions. Barrier cameras were also considered special, although self-camera criticism was criticized.

During the sustainability test, the phone was dropped hundreds of times under different angles and the exhibition did not break. The tool was also suitable for immersion experiments. The report recommends the deep image of the 6.4-inch display and the wireless charge technology, although he says it is a bit slow, and criticizes the finger-print reader shown in the exhibition. Overall, according to the best magazine, the best smartphone is the current market of the Galaxy S10 +.

The big question is how long has the Samsung boss, how Huawei P30 Pro launched next week, delivers the lesson to all the competitors.

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