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The football player who left the plane could leave before sunk

On Sunday, a large part of the plane was played on the board of the city football team, Emiliano Sala, on a two-week aboard board over Kyle of Sound. In an additional investigation, one of the bodies was found, and it still does not know whether it's the football or the pilot. According to the French flying expert, Michel Polacco, after leaving the internal pilot, Leave Sala could be before she sank.

One day after one of the analysts to find a device in a while; went out, they discovered that they were breaking a small device in Channel Channel, near the Gurney island, at a depth of 63 meters, it was announced on Monday that the body of a robot camera could control the edge of clear removal. However, for the time, they could not say whether Salaé or David Ibbotsoné did not drive, plane.

They have not yet found the body of Emiliano SalaSource: AFP / Loic Venance

According to the French flight expert, Michel Polacco, the plane had to go ashore on the water, which was clearly made by his / her; pilot.

"How could a technical escape exist, may have sent you to go in and off the plane, which is obviously to move hard. The machine remains close to the same thing, we think it's not an accident, but the pilot tried to go with it. " – said Radio France air expert at European European radio 1.

According to Polacco, there is the theoretical opportunity for a Room to leave the plane after landing.

"You may have left the device How are the records on the smallest smoker record away from a distance that only one group is in the plane, "said Polacco.

According to the Argentinian Clarín driver, Juan Arturo del Azar, the reason why to # go out of the machine despite it.

In such situations, the pilot must fly on the tools, but it can not be easily missed so easily without a visual point of information. especially if you say you fell into your cell. In this case, you can have a & # 39; Feels that the machine is rising and falling, "said the pilot, flying over the Save several times.

The plane that Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson traveledSource: AFP / AAIB / Ho

In this case, Ibbotson was easy to know the situation and where he was with the machine due to bad weather and darkness during the night, as well as the unexpected opening and so he was able to make a decision to go ashore.


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