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The former head of the TEK department and the Buda Castle reconstruction rule

From April, Gergely Fodor is responsible for government deposits in the Buda Castle area as Commissioner. This is the Government command of this Magyar Közlöny appeared Monday.

The Government Commissioner will be investigating and reviewing. Monitoring the implementation of government decisions and the implementation of government investment deposits in Buda Castle District, as well as participating in debates organized by investors, as well as accessibility documents, financial and technical documents. The government has recently moved 36 billion to improvements in Buda Castle.

A bodder was used in most public areas:

Appointment of the Government Commissioner from 1 April, 2019 to 31 March, 2021. He is entitled to state secretary payments as a government commissioner.

From now on, it is responsible for producing the necessary results for further implementation, strategic documents, investment programs, investor timetables and necessary government recommendations, and # 39; organize the associated administrative consultations and recommend any related statutory functions.

The decision also states that the Commissioner of the Government will be able to; Co-operation with the Non-profitable Related Debt Company for the Development of NÖF National Heritage, Local Regional Development Center; Baile, Limited Private Private Company Company, Lechner Territorial, Architectural and Information Non-Profit Limited Limited Limited Compensation in the preparation, planning, execution and execution. and the EMI Management Control Non-Profit Limited Debt Company Limited, as well as their work, has received support and support from those companies.

Gergely Fodor works with the relevant masters of government investment in the Buda Castle District area, and, ensure that government deposits remain stable, and maintain links and consultations with representatives of the institutions involved and Regularly informing the Prime Minister and preparing a written report every six months. (through MTI)

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