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The Guardiola customs at Manchester City collapsed

The Champions League in Liverpool wasn't surprised in Liverpool, the Jrgen Klopp team beat the Park with a confidence of 2-0. But, Tottenham really beat Manchester City and got a good score of 1-0, which was in a difficult situation before he returned. The statements, make sure you send the message.

Pep Guardiola started 12 years with the blind actor BL Straight Fuck Prince The game against Tottenham could be won by both, bowed and eight. This might be because of this, as usual, usually hitting much worse until this game, but it may also be starting on the last KT season when it is not. T Monaco and Liverpool moved with the commotion which took place in the face of a controversial dispute. about the next steps. As well as Fernandinho, Gndogan appeared on the kzpplyn, as De Bruyne's lost to San, but they all stand beside the name Fabian Delph.

This English htvd once did in the BL – a group game lost to Lyon 2-1 and the last minute in the Ligakupa mrkzs in Burton against Burton. The Catalan master didn't get in, because Szon ppen Delphet moved out before the winner won. In the face of this, Guardiola was not going to pull up the game.

Guardiola Guard strategies were non-operationalForr: AFP / Ian Kington

“I confess, if we are wrong, but this is not what I did. We knew Tottenham was a ghost! It wasn't long before we got lost, and the sites were lost. vltani. I am blessed as a result of a result, but if a team of Warriors is to be successful, it needs to be eligible. ppen 1–0 better than 0-0, because everyone is aware of what will be changed to retake. I suspect that some of our drivers will come and make us happy. "

Indeed, the existence of Agero in the 10th minute of a videbride signal that was Origo, the expert of Origo, could create all mskt. Ferenc Bede said he was a drugman, but the Tottenham player, Hugo Lloris, 11.

"We have to accept these types." said the French Conservator to the series, and then. "It was important that we lost the blows, which gave us more energy to keep on. I think we played better than the same village in one game," he said.

The winner, Mr Hung Hung Min, was thrown away. "We were fighting for Vgig, we didn't wait for a minute, we were fighting for a junction j in eighty minutes. We were better off with a rabbit, we had bigger conditions. "

In cases such as these, the detailed tests are based on a slightly better spur.

Korean also came from the Spurs home, where he won the stadium, against Crystal Palace. "This stadium is good, our fans have created a wonderful sense of it. It's great to play here, I'm hls."

Harry Kane, a carpenter of a London carpenter, was destroyed by the Londoners. In English, a second kepep slipped from the cairn, two of them broke into the stone, and the mankva stood in the stadium.

“It was a game of Kkemny, and the piece the kick gave was a key issue as it gave us the belief to continue. Clearly it is a clear game, but the town remains at the center of the war, in Manchester, it is even more difficult 90 minutes vr and rnk " t "The Mrkzst kvet said," Mauricio Pochettino was bursting with Tottenham, who also destroyed the English language. “We are very sorry about Harry Kane later, in the past, Mr Crou's ankle was gutted, but the only bad reaction will be in tomorrow's tests. Sadly, there was great joy, and the worst thing to do is leave all the htralev idle, t that would mean rvgst for our team ".

Kane had difficult times in front of the front, and Fernandinho died immediately, and the mg mg disappeared, but the Brazilians resisted the sport of slyos.

Suddenly the response to City Veresgrt was trapped in the internet, not like the rapper Nippi Canada, Drake. She is, therefore, managing her argument pzolst, and this is also true.

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Liverpool hoped to fight against Porto as he was killed by the KT team a few days later. Jrgen Klopp was one of the first players to win the first 5-0 win in Dragao Stadium, t this time the sight started on Anfiled Road. From a domestic perspective, Naby Keita – luckily – found the director.

I am delighted that we have been hopeful, we have achieved it to a great extent, and almost all are vdelmnk " The nimble chief, who was ahead of the 400th influence over Porto, said t

"We were aware that Porto Glja would do forty points points, nonetheless, it is possible that we sell a lot of joy and entertainment to the vendors, and we'll have to look back at that much better. There was much controversy, but we were lucky to have their pseudonym out of their way.

2-0 is a good result – I don't think it would have gone away. In Portugal, foolish hell and kkemny maids vr rnk. "

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool Master, won the 400th victory over PortoForr: AFP / Paul Ellis

He wasn't scared of Plockton, Mrkz xG also showed this.

Jl started the game, but unfortunately Liverpool was the first opportunity to get the worst record in our sight. " – born master of portugues, Srgio Conceicao ,. "The tenth lender was far worse, we got it from one mistake. Our choices for glucos, we had more situations, and we didn't even get rid of the end." Just over half of the past 180 minutes, we will do everything we can to get back and go. ”

Jordan Henderson, one of the leading players in the game, was banned. "Team J is in Porto, foul tmadi, and htrny hasn't been found in the game, but it was proved as compelling in the modern game. But we don't have to be as creative as the first one, but we need to have get results. For that time, only work is done, you can't believe for a minute you will have the next step. "

Liverpool has told him that he can restore the Portuguese to his confidenceFor: AFP / Lluis Gene

A Teammate, who was also hopeful for this, was Virgil van Dijk mr, the next time important for work. "In such back-up problems, an important part is played by foreign galleries, which are very durable. We'll get J's results, but we should not punish him for a long time, because on Sunday morning we will fight against Chelsea, now we need to aim for that level. "

But when Mr ManCity Fernandinho was taken down, Mohamed Salah had a good loop: Danilo Pereir of Egypt traveled slowly in the haystack, m mg straight.

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Tottenham and Liverpool took the opportunity to beat the Wednesday rattle, held on a rabbit 17.

On Wednesday evening, Manchester United with Barcelon, Ajax with the Juventus team make their first quarter of the BL season.

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