The largest Swedish bank was also involved in a € 200 billion silver cleansing scanner Danske Bank

One of the largest Swedish banks, Swedbank, was blamed for cash glaze, resulting in a fall of more than 12 per cent on Stockholm Stock Exchange Wednesday. Shortly before 17, Swedbank's exchange rate stood at 12.8 per cent without Stockholm Stock Exchange. Solar main banks also expanded, for example, the SEB division was 3.59 per cent and 1.60% of Nordea Banke weakened.

After a twitter newsletter, they will be repaired for a Swedbank sales machine in Riga on 12 December 2011.Illustrated by Ilmars Znotins / AFP

SVT Swedish television channel, describing the documents he received, had Swedbank also been involved in the & # 39; silver bundle of 8 year bills, which was suspected for the Danish Danske Bank. According to SVT, Swedbank is near. A sum of EUR 4 billion was cleared through a sub-group in Estonia.

Last year, when an independent study commissioned by the Danske Bank from 2007 to 2015, estimated that it was estimated at around $ 10,000. A total of EUR 200 billion was transferred to the Estonian Bank of Danske's banking account of 15,000 clients of foreign currency. Most of the issues were suspicious, and b. can clear more than 10 billion euros through their Forensic company. Serious money came from Russia, but also from other Soviet societies.

Danske Bank named Tuesday closed its subsidiary companies in Russia and the Baltic States.

Swedbank is now in the picture that, according to the documents obtained by SVT, has been converted to a Danske Bank account in Estonia. Out of the 200 billion euros, almost 4 billion were shifted from the Swedbank & Estonian company.

In the case, finance finance director of Eastonia said he had no evidence that Swedbank was involved in suspicious Danske Bank issues.

The Intelligent authorities said: "The case is being investigated, and as other banks, Danske Bank can not work in the individual financial system from everyone". According to the communications, "it is natural that bids to accounts with one bank were obtained from one bank to another. This does not automatically prove that Swedbank would be involved in illegal matters ". (MTI)



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