The Samsung Galaxy S10 was launched

At the moment, Samsung is the most prominent and most prominent player in Android phones. But it is also true that the furniture will not have a comparison for a few minutes, because their cage is high in bacteria, and the previous one would find amazing myths. Cg also develop ggervs, and pp for this purpose, when they are; Using j cscsmodel (in the center of a visit), the whole thing is taken into account, since it can safely save it; means what Samsung is doing, the business is doing; move.

In accordance with the scenes, the show showed the latest tops in the game, the smeall S10, the smallest S10E, and the S10 and the S10 + socket marks. Now, in this test, we get rid of the thrush, the S10 +, so we can see what Samsung can do in early 2019 with the dialect!


Samsung is always putting a lot of emphasis on the design, and did not stay in innovation in 2019. This is the same, because you've been a tweeting camcorder on is a real island by dragging a hole in the OLED exhibition rather than the name known to date. This is really real, and there is a show that there is a modern prmium section.

The show is the result of carrying the objectDevelop themes

m there is no important cause in this solution for a symbol factor sttim kvl ms. It has not been more than that, and so we think the area is a bit useful, since the island can not be tough with any kind of information. But I think the hole in the horn is out.

The cube is contaminated by the Infinity board, which also has a "#; run to fm kzkkhz, which is naturally suited without disruption.

At the opening you can keep up with the system of hmash camera, we do not call it as a pseudo. The fingerprints are read from here, and it does not appear; go wrong, because it is connected to the heart! In fact, the only thing you can do is to look at the front and the ultrasonic system; reading biomedical data at times. This is a very difficult solution, as if a sci-fi film has entered the valsg, and it is sure it will appear rapidly on the low categris phones. In addition to a USB C-Type socket, Kszlkhz watches (in the right) normal analog 3.5mm audio output, which can also be used for head / climb.

Atomerm in the pocket

The members of the Galaxy S series are the most active and not at all. The S10 + is an eight-main Exynos9820 process developed for cheese, 8GB of RAM and Mali G76 GPU GPU. Iron is very yellow, and uses anTuTu coordinates for 335251 points. And now, it's one of the worst mobile phones at the Vilg, and we do not say that it's a? The first one is in the line, because we did not lose the people that were provided on every MWC. The first hunter, has 10 squares at Huawei Mate 20, with 20 tracks at Galaxy S9 + last year, with a difference of 60,000 points!

The boys are hard!Develop themes

And this also means the phone will be & # 39; clicking many books or notes. It is not surprising that you can not use full normal rtk szmtgpknt with help from the DEX doc you know at the time. There is no such thing as the phone runs to hard (it can not run on the server, which runs on a remote server), or can be downloaded. Whatever the most difficult 3D graphics, full-bleaching effects, environmental features, lumps, or Streetview mdjs from Google-trkp, you'll be dealing with everything.

Great exhibition

Samsung is committed to AMOLED's panel technology, and it is not surprising that such a fully detected display was found in the fast module. This cheesecake is that the units can be & # 39; turned into each of the kppont, and so the black, black and white stream of black meat is cut off and so the unconnected rhythm of difference. Our secretaries also confirmed this mystery, and our eyes need the most to be bigger, as the splash may be in the bone. A & A also has a high dynamic range, acrylic HDR10 + formtum, which is & # 39; means that each kppont can be controlled by itself, and where there is sniff, it can take up to 1200 incentives for minutes. In the meantime, HDR adams are more likely than ever before.

Valdi camera in the cornerDevelop themes

The 6.4-inch thistle breaks 3040 x 1440 kppons with a 525 ppi pylon range, which is a piece of a special person. This is a daily use of output, which means that all kppontok are uncertain, as well as the operating lines, not the huts, and the fins are not pretty beautiful. The vision is good, even though the whistles are almost flat, we will not be arrested. These are unnecessary, so the signal does not move enough: the move objects do not draw on the problem, the krlttk is not a & # 39; Currently appearing dlibbknt, and no one can know. It is also important to be aware that the show snippet may be the best you want, and that the hunting machine can kill the eye.


The 4100 mAh integrator needs to be a great capacity to get enough energy for up to 11 rpm (a little bit, jtk, fotzgats, youtube oz, music, post, etc.). And that is, if it's not a big landlord, but it's a bit worth it. The acnestic nlkli ton, st, guides, kszlk can also share our phone with energy, with a more compatible device, with the Samsung flhallgate !!

It's not a big durrans in the sound sound, since its volume, it can be accepted, the soundtrack is long from hell.

There are not enough unsure voices, the quarrel is stupid, and we do not call the officer too, because the simple details can be looked at. However, if we put in the mobile phones, the vgeredmny will be a great deal, and then the device will listen to music.


There are more cameras on the phone than there are a few cltsgvets tv stdij! A piece of crome is one of the most powerful, 123-step, 16 megapixel pieces, which can be very useful, as the most interesting sculpture is designed. In addition, a 12 megapixel television camera has been shown, which moves to a practical addition to an existing 12 megapixel camera. The product supports to & # 39; Make bokeh with a photo, which, as well as its entirety, and the function klnfle can also affect it. Depending on our knowledge, I can do it with a natural and voluntary way. In addition, the last thing that 4K loads can not be suitable at 60 kpc / msec.

These cameras are the S10 cameras. Click on the brush's grip!Develop themes

On the flip side, there is a 10-megapixel dual camera camera with a RGB-8-megapixel slide camera, which can be used to create wonderful pictures, with the power of httr klnfle.

Mg no gin, tbbi informcirt krjk, scroll!

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