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There is no longer interim selection in this circle

As of March 31st, the last interim elections will be held during this visit, with 16 MPs or other supervisors in the country.

The basic law adopted in 2011 says that local leaders should be elected every five years instead of the previous four, and that the headteacher of 2014's elected heads will fall in 2019 .

However, if a constituency or custodian is vacant, an interim selection must be held. The election is set by the relevant election committee within 120 days of the vacancy, so that a day may be; A vote falls between seventy and nineteen days after the election date.

However, in accordance with the Elections Act, an interim selection can not be held between 1 April and the election day of the general government elections. This means, as it goes to & # 39; vote on Sunday, the electoral committees had the opportunity to vote on 20 January, the last date by 1 April, 31 March.

According to the National Electoral Office's records, there are still 16 mid-middle elections by 1 April: 9 seaman masters, three election elections, and four urban representatives of local governments.

On February 10th, Mayor Káván, master of 17 February in Korlát, Bakonyszentiván and Mekényes, and a Greek nationalist representative in Kecskemét, will be elected as a constituency in Tolna on March 3, and a Roma republican representative in Nyírmártonfalva. On 10 March, Maoir Andoco was elected as a master on 24 March, in Szár and Romonya, in Püspökladány, in separate constituencies, Roma in Pilisen, and in Tótszentmárton.

The final interim election of the tour will be held on March 31st, and a seamen will be selected at Szelevény and Ibrány.

The elected representatives of the Provincial Local Government do not have the command of a few months until the next election, ie until the autumn of 2019.

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